Life is like a box of chocolates... Survival isn't!  

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4/2/2006 10:50 pm
Life is like a box of chocolates... Survival isn't!

i wrote this a few years ago. i was looking through my old schoolwork and found this amoungst it all. a little essay i wrote... not for school... not for anything... just for some of my friends to read and understand why i was like i was. i suppose it really did hit the nail on the head. i think there are a lot of people who need to go out and think about the way they interact in life. perhaps this might be the wakeup call. i dont know.

Life is like a box of chocolates... Survival isn't!

sorry to quote a bad (and very, very, overused) cliché, but life really is like a box of chocolates, because you don't know what your going to get. on the other hand we have survival. we are tricked (by our minds & the powers that be) that we don't know what’s going to happen. occasionally something will be unusual... but its just that... occasionally. you know what's going to happen tomorrow. you are going to wake up, slowly get ready for work/school, go to school, go home perhaps past a bar or someplace similar, and then home to bed. the same thing happens the next day. on weekends things are 'different'... well they’re not. instead of going to work you fill up the void that is spare time with silly activities (does golf, watching the sports, hobby planes, etc sound familiar?).

if you are doubting what i'm saying, have a think about it. how often does anything interesting happen in your life. i’m not talking about how 'interesting' the latest department store catalogue is, how interesting you're new exercise machine gizmo is, or how interesting the new thursday night television lineup is -- i am not talking about how interesting you're possessions are -- but what have you done that was actually interesting -what have you done that was 'outside of the square'?

probably very little (even nothing in some very bad cases of conformity). that is because you are just surviving. working, sleeping, and occasionally a bit of 'leisure' time. unlike many other so called 'revolutionary' activities, you do not need to detach yourself from the system -- you can live and work within the system (not to be confused with participating in the system). that is what is so unique about living. it can be done by anyone - a revolutionary or bourgeoisie - but is still a revolution in itself. as mentioned a thousand times before this, all revolution is, is a few individuals going against the flow of things, doing things differently, being individuals. when you think about it like this revolution takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it? really, by saying this, revolution is not protesting, it is not war (however those are activities that may be used during revolution), revolution is those amongst us that have decided that they want to be an individual rather than a collective being. that they want to use their brain. that they want to LIVE!

now, how to live... just start doing things differently! it isn't hard at all.

stop worrying about deadlines, duties, and the like. don't believe that everything that could be done has been done. from this moment, you will be the first person to see a sunset, to walk amongst nature, or to eat an apple. stop letting time dictate your life -- slow down! stop rushing around from place to place, like a droid, instead stop to smell the roses. take everything in, rather than taking it for granted. stop watching television (at least don't watch too* much); instead listen to some music that you appreciate, or read a good book... television is capitalist propaganda by definition**.

stop treating everything in your life as though it will be there tomorrow, because it won't... you might not be here tomorrow either.

life wasn't meant to be 'hoarded up for later'.. it was meant to be lived.***

yes, silly activities. what else can you call so called ‘games’ that involve beating fellow human beings senseless (boxing, gridiron), hitting a little green ball (tennis) or a white ball (golf)… perhaps moronic?

*you decide how much too much is.

**what else could it be? look at television today. when you watch a 1/2 hour television show, you get at least 10 minutes of commercials. 3 hours of television equates to around 45 minutes to an hour of advertisements... and that can't be good for you, can it?

***really, it sounds so simple, doesn’t it. well in short, it isn’t. actually. it is both. living is so easy. it should come naturally to us. but we have been conditioned into thinking that working with a little ‘play’ time is how it has always been, and how it will always be. even with very little knowledge of history it is obvious that we have always not had a ‘work ethic’ and worked our fingers to the bone. on the same token, forget history, it is useless! live in the present. that’s step number one to living…

keep on revolting and have some fun : )

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