something to think about, I know I have  

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5/11/2006 10:24 pm

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something to think about, I know I have

He comes through the door and his essence takes my breath away. I can feel the vibrations from all the way over here. He leans in and gives me a nice soft kiss. He then takes my face in his hands and kisses me hard. My head feels light and legs barely hold me up. "Let's go, I've been waiting."

We go to the bedroom and kiss passionately. Pressing our lips together, gently touching each others tongues. He nuzzles my neck with his tongue and lips. He finds my sweet spot, I gasp outloud. He reaches down, touching my body. Caressing my breasts, down my curves. Reaching around, he grabs my ass and squeezes me against him. I feel his hard cock inside his pants. I reach down and touch him, rubbing as he moans in my ear.

He pulls my hand away and he presses me down on the bed. My hands go above my head and he holds them in with his. Kissing me hard and rubs his hard package against me, pushing it against my muff. He undresses me slowly, touching as he goes. He cups my muff in his hand and slides his finger against my wet pussy. He smiles. His fingers rub my clit, slow and steady. Up and down, all around. He spreads my legs and stands up beside the bed. He proceeds to disrobe for me. Finally, there's his cock. I sit up and want to suck it, but he says no. He guides me back down on the bed, reaching inbetween my legs and touching me, rubbing me, pressing his finger against my hard clit. I can feel that if he continues, I am going to cum for him. I am exploding with ecstacy. It's finally here and he grabs his cock and puts it in my pussy and I cum, my pussy walls contracting against his hard cock.

I push him aside and reach for his already hard and ready cock. I slide down and position face over him. My mouth ready for the action, as this is where I know it's my turn to shine. I place my lips around the tip, rubbing with my tongue. Around the tip and lick him like a lolly pop. He takes it in and wants more. I suck a little more of him, sliding my lips around his cock, up and down gently but I know he wants it harder. Coming back to the tip, I continue licking around and sucking him. Finally, I give in and take him as far as I can. My head bobbing up and down in slow rhythmic motion. He place his hand on my head lightly, just to let me know I've got his attention. I suck a little harder and faster. His breathing loud and excited. His legs tense up and he moans outloud to me, I know I have him in the right place.

He sits up, placing me back and spreads my legs once again. He grabs his manhood in his hand, guiding to my hot wet pussy. As he entered me, I could feel his cock pulsating from excitement. He pulls out and waits for me to put him back in. With slow and even strokes, he fucks my pussy, hard then soft, harder and harder until I explode with my next orgasm. But he's not done. He flips me over and comes in from behind. He guides my ass against his cock. Pumping me in and out, rocking me hard, holds himself inside, fucking me some more. I feel his balls slap my pussy. He grabs my hips and starts to squeeze, I know he's ready. He comes for me. He collapses on top of me with his hard cock still inside. I can still feel the pulse of him against my lips.

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5/13/2006 11:07 am

Can i volunteer for yhe male part?!?!

rm_geo5006 61M
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5/13/2006 11:09 am

Can i volunteer for the male part?!?!

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