Unconscious Desires  

CastsAetasPoets 51F
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6/23/2006 7:26 pm

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6/24/2006 2:16 pm

Unconscious Desires

Do you dream? I’ve always been a dreamer. Last night I had a dream that has followed me around all day. I rarely have erotic dreams, but it seems my mind is working overtime.
I walked into a small gathering of men and women. It appeared I knew these people, but didn’t recognize them, I couldn’t see the faces. When I walked into the room, my eyes met up with a man across the room. Immediately I knew I was in trouble. His eyes caught mine. I felt like I needed to run, but I couldn’t move. He walked over and pressed his body against mine and just starting kissing me. It was that kind of kiss that makes you completely weak in the knees, taking your breath away.
We were now against a wall, and his hands were wandering all over by body. I tried to break free, but his kisses completely consumed me. I had no power of my own. We just kept kissing, our lips melting into each others. Our tongues danced together as if we had been together a long time. Just by us kissing, I had an incredible orgasm. I felt him look at me and smile. When I woke up, I rolled over and felt as if I had an orgasm. To be honest with ya, I think I did.

Who was this man? Where could he be?

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/24/2006 7:29 am

Here..There..Everywhere..He is the man that you long for. That you lust for...The man you want to fuck you silly...The man you want to take care of you..The perfect man..The man that makes you orgasim by kissing you...The man that makes you orgasim by thinking about him.

he IS the man of your dreams...The perfect man..Here...There...Everywhere!!!

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