Realistic expectations  

CastsAetasPoets 51F
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5/11/2006 9:39 pm
Realistic expectations

Today was a day for me to be realistic and look at things straight on. So when reading profiles tonight, I sense some of you boys are looking for that arm candy or that perfect body. Well, that isn't me. I am an average girl with very down to earth expectations. I am not a party girl anymore, been there done that. I am a mature woman who likes and respects herself. I've had 15 years of drama with my X and don't care to have anymore. That goes for you boys also. God, there are some really sexy guys on here that I would love to fuck!! I brought my friend here to check this out and she almost had a heart attack that I would consider doing this. In fact, I believe her words were, "you've lost it" See, I completely disagree with that. I am learning to have fun again and she's not used to me being like this. Unchartered territory. It makes it exciting for all of us, but as a woman, I want to be safe.

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