[b]Gravity defying ass of my Polish waitress[/b]  

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2/17/2006 7:11 am

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[b]Gravity defying ass of my Polish waitress[/b]

One of the work restaurants has Polish staff. they are courteous, hard working and a little serious at times. They are excelllent. The manageress is also Polish with a keen wit and fine english. The the athmosphere is generally very good and the food is nice.

A gem. With the usual Dublin caveat on price. the most unusual part of the place for me is the ass on one of the frowny waitreses. Now perhaps she is profoundly unhappy, and if so it is wrong to make fun but she does frown alot. Today she had her usual black trouser outfit and apron. And I noticed her ass. she is petite and has a pouty face and her ass mirrors her cute cheeks. It sticks out in a bubble fashion. Makes is hard not to think on how sexy a girl's butt can be.

It reminds me if the importance of making your lady love her ass. Once she believes that she has a hot ass she will walk (and fuck) with a little sway. She will dress better, stand up taller and take more care of her appearance. Like she doesn't do enough already. But it all goes to the same place: modifying her behaviour so that she sucks and rides like a champ (think the cute one from Charlie's angels. Good enough to make you keep cumming back for more.

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