Mood Swings  

hornyhornysandy 41F
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1/15/2006 12:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mood Swings

Guys are always complaining about their ladies’ mood swings and how totally impossible we can be at times. Temperamental, unpredictable, moody, volatile, erratic, irritable, fickle, I could just go on and on.

I do admit that in general we tend to be like that at time. Yes, even me… but we can always blame it on this God given attribute to PMS… and haven’t the guys heard of this one before… LOL…

But hey, not every lady faces the same grumpiness, capricious moods. Some of us have cramps so sever that it literally makes us bed bound, some of us have breakouts… and there are those who have been blessed, just feel extreme fatigue and a hyper productive hormonal system that makes us incredibly horny.. Such as yours truly…

So we, women have this natural aspect to blame for our mood swings, but the guys…. They have similar mood swings too, I bet most ladies who read this will concur to that fact… here’s why I am stating this for the record:

He leaves me a text message asking me what time I am about to leave the office. 15 minutes was my reply, and a “will pick you up in 20 min then. Text you when I am there” was received…. Cool! ... I didn’t have to be crushed using the public transport and it was so totally welcomed.

Half an hour has passed and I wondered what the traffic condition was since he is obviously 10 minutes late. And the reply was “Traffic jam. Raining.” Fair enough. We all know what the weather condition was over the last week or two…

20 minutes later, “Be there in 5 min” came. And I shut down my notebook, packed my stuff and headed for the door. “Please pick me at the side entrance” since it was way closer than the main entrance. When I got to the side entrance of the office building, I realised that it was locked, so I called to let him know that he should go to the main entrance instead of the side entrance. But it would mean an additional 5 minute walk.

See this is a new job and I have no idea that the side entrance closes after a certain time.

I hate rushing about in heels, but I had to. If I took my time, it would take more than the 5 minutes I told him about.

As I approached the car, I was met with the face from hell.

“I thought I told you that I will be here in 5 minutes! Why can’t you prepare sooner instead of making me wait all the time?!?!”

I kept quiet and thought to myself - I intended to leave in 15 minutes when I received your message. But you offered to pick me up, I accepted. I had to wait for almost an hour. And now, you are annoyed that I made you wait for 5 minutes (?)…..
Throughout the whole 15 minutes ride home, the walk to the apartment, the settling down, there was just total silence, right up to the point where he barked “I AM GOING FOR A JOG!” then the door slammed.

Right… Making a decision to keep mum was a great thing cos when he got home, he came up to me, gave m a peck on the cheek and said “Sorry huns, I was an asshole just now. I had a rough day at work” Nonchalantly, I said that it was fine.

Now after having read this one incident which I have related, although there are tons more, let me ask the guys this question: What’s up with the attitude?

Remember, if we don’t work in the same office as you, it’s a good chance that we are not the person who was being anal while you were at work! ... It could be a totally different scenario, but in general, if we weren’t the ones to spoil your day, why spoil ours by giving us the attitude? .... Why not just chill out, compose yourself, calm down first before meeting your gal? …

If you are the sort who doesn’t contact your partner during the day, how on earth are we supposed to have known that you had a bad day? ... Geez…

And just for the record, I had a perfect day before that incident and it just totally thrashed it for me….

mr_simply_me 44M
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1/15/2006 8:14 am

Good topic...

Hmmm.. good insight of what a lady thinks.... Guess there is lack of communication here...

Here is what I would like to share as a guy.... At times, the intentions are great but the executions are poor. I have ever had good intentions to pick up my wife but due to different road conditions and sudden change of conditions... mood just changes and snap... Now the question is how to tell a wife that I am not in a good mood now and let me chill out and pick u later?? How many ladies accept their man counterparts to chill out?? I guess the next mistake MAN makes is that we made a promise.. we don't want to make that change of promise... That is to say we don't want to disappoint but we did in the end as there may be a misunderstanding somewhere... who is right and who is wrong here is not the issue... but very much we need to control that Anger... Driving in SG roads make people more aggressive and more easily to get angry more frequently.... I am not sure why?? I have tested not to drive for awhile and I felt much more @ easy....

Yes... we have our own fustrations...

I am guilty @ times....

Shall take ur advice....

Tell ur man lor... don't keep to yourself....

It is sad to do that you know.... it is just a piece of explosive waiting to explode....

rm_lovesex7200 44M

1/15/2006 10:15 pm

This time i agreed with "mr simply me".

I think all couples have this problems, married or dating.

A simple sentence should settle most of these problems we have, but its always easier said then done.

Never mix work and home, learn to control temper.

since i am always on the road too, i've learn that MOST sg drivers r bad. so drivers out there, just prepare yourself!

now this is much harder to accomplish then the above! well sandy make a very wise choice, silence........ is always golden and she received a sorry from the hubby later. he's not that bad after all, i've friends that dun even say sorry to their wifes!

in a relationship, there's always a party giving more then the other. to try to balance up, only communication can help! once u can communicate, u just have to work on the fine points. Thats life!


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