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7/10/2005 5:07 am

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A bit about me

I guess as I'm just starting off with my blog, I might as well tell you a little bit about me.

I'm 22 and I live in sunny Eastbourne on the south cost of the UK, not all that far from the popular Brighton

I'm about 5'9" with dark hair and brown eyes. I go to the gym a few times each week, to make up for working at my desk all day!

It's my Dad's birthday today, I went shopping yesterday with my Mum & Sister (that was a nightmare lol) to get him some presents. We ended up with a couple of books, a couple of DVDs and an ice-cream scoop Don't ask about the ice-cream scoop, I'm more of a spoon kind of guy myself lol

He seems happy enough, so that's good. He's also making sunday roast, mmmmmmm... what better food is there than a sunday roast?

The more I think about it, the more hungry I get. I think it's time to go and investigate the kitchen. Hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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