Sparked Up!  

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7/25/2006 4:00 am

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Sparked Up!

I was standing in line to pay for a new t-shirt I had picked out when I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I turned around and smiled at the soft, pretty face behind me who asked, "You don't have a light do you?"
Being the brat that I am, I shon my led key chain light at her and snickered. She got the joke and giggled," You know that's not what I meant."
I'm not a smoker of cigarettes but for some reason I did have a lighter in my backpack from another night. I dug through my purse and slipped the fire to her. She glanced around and showed me why she needed it. She flashed me a glimpse of the nicest looking coner and offered to share it in return for the spark. Of course I was happy to oblige. After we paid for our new threads, we skipped out behind the mall by the dumpsters and lit up that spectacular doob. Oh my it was spectacular, too!
While we shared the smoke, she asked me what I bought. I told her it was just a flimsy t-shirt ad pulled it out of the bag to show her. "Nice! It'll show off those nice titties y'got". she responded. Her comment about my titties caught me off guard and made me laugh. By this time, my head was getting a little giggly and I thanked her for the compliment.
She was a tiny girl. A delicate frame of shorter stature with very short pink hair and black-brown eyes that flashed at you with a deviousness that only made you want to tag along. A very cool chick.
We made conversation and learned each others names and various insignificant details when all I really wanted to know if that lump under her t-shirt was just a hard nipple or did she have a nipple pierced.
"I SEE YOU LOOKING!!! It's pierced" she blurted out.
"Busted..." I retorted.
I asked her about it and she told me everything from how much it hurt, how it made it much more sensitive and how to care for it. I just thought it was hot!
"Wanna see it?" she asked "It's just a tit, you've seen them before." Before I could reply, she pulled out her little boob and showed me her pride and joy. I have to admit, it was pretty cool and I admired her tenacity. I had often considered getting one myself but could never muster the nerve to deal with the pain. She offered up some advice,"Get it on the nipple that is less sensitive. It won't hurt quite so much and it will make it more reactive to sensations."
Wow, I was torched from the few puffs I had and I didn't realise she was twisting my nips through my t-shirt.
"Now imagine that only more tingly" she remarked. I wasn't really into having my nips twisted so much and mentioned it would feel better with a warm, soft mouth around it.
Wow she jumped at that and quickly shoved her hand up my shirt, under my bra and yanked the whole deal up in one quick jerk. She leaned down and dragged her slippery tongue over my tweaked nip. She pushed me up against the dumpster we hid behind and began to ravage my breasts with her mouth. Twisting and rolling my nipples in her nimble little fingers while sucking on one of them just drove me bananas. She cupped, twisted and slurped on my dirty pillows while I polished off the rest of our excuse for being outside. Her bright pink hair moving from side to side as she nuzzled my bosom into submission. She was so fucking skilled at sucking my tits that I seriously thought I was going to cum. She persisted and would not let me squirm away. She rubbed her hand over my soaked pussy through my jeans and pulled up on my waistband. The seam in the crotch of my denim was firmly positioned over my clit and digging into my pussy. That did it! She sucked on my nip and tugged on my jeans with rhythmic motion, moving from one nip to the next. I was so close to cumming that I couldn't stand it. She just wouldn't stop until I came. The more I resisted, the harder she went. Heaving for air and grabbing her hair I buckled under her touch and orgasmed. I screamed out and held her head close, smothering her in my cleavage, which I'm sure she didn't mind. She gave my nipples one last little suck, wiped her devilishly grinning mouth and turned to walk away. As she left me in a quivering mess, she belted out, "Get the RIGHT one pierced!"

rm_callmetiger2 34M

7/25/2006 6:08 am

Nice why doesn't that stuff happen to me?

marriednhor002 49M/41F

8/2/2006 11:02 am

great story,babe!....your such a sexy little bitch......

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