Para mi amante da  

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Para mi amante da

I dreamt I was visiting some random city in the US when I heard someone yelling "HEY! HEY! STOP! I KNOW YOU!" as I was walking down the street. His dark wavy hair tossing in the air as he jogged towards me. As he reached me, he caught his breath and told me he recognised me from somewhere but couldn't place where. Of course, I knew who he was since I often ogle his hot-ass pictures and I explained how he recognised me. We exchanged greetings and commented on how we enjoy each others blogs, blaa blaa blaa. He asked me where I was headed and I said that I was going to grab a coffee. I asked him if he could join me. He wasn't heading anywhere special so he came with me. We sat, had our coffee, discussed life in general and he mentioned my blog again.
"Your blogs are pretty hot. I liked the one about Jorge and the gas station. You like latin men?" he quizzed.
I blushed and told him that from the travelling I've done, I've found latin men the hottest overall. The dark hair, dark eyes and inherent sexiness of latin men is just too much when combined with that soft, seductive accent. I grinned and said, "You know, someone could really get to know my kinks if they read my stories. It all there in plain sight."
We finished up our coffee and he offered to walk with me to my next destination. I gladly accepted. He was much hotter in person and I couldn't believe my stroke of luck running into him. As we walked, I caught him checking me out, likely because he caught me checking him out! "You're a very sexy boy, you know that?" I quipped. He shyly grinned then grabbed my hand and pulled me into an alley as he whispered, "I want to show you something" in my ear. The feeling of his hot breath in my ear and his cheek against mine sent tingles down my neck as I followed him.
The alley was surprisingly private despite being well lit and so close to the street. He gently pinned me against the brick of the building and pressed his chest against mine. He gently stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and said he'd never kissed a Canadian girl before. I asked him if he like to try, but before I managed to get all the words out he was pressing his sumptuous lips against mine. He cradled my head in his hands and rubbed his thumbs over my cheeks as he sucked any chance of resistance I had out of me. Damn, he just made me weak! I reached up and ran my fingers through his soft dark hair. He pulled away and whispered with is deep voice,"I want you. I want you right here". I responded with the only spanish I knew "Besame mucho". For all I knew, I could have asked him for a pair of hockey skates, but it seemed to do the trick. He kissed me hard and pressed his hips into mine, groping my breast as he drew me even closer. He slid his hand down from my breast to the small of my back, rubbed my ass and in a single jerk, had my knee up to his waist. It was pretty clear by then that he was taking what he wanted and who was I to try and stop him... not that I would! He guided the palm of his hand under my thigh and followed it to my crotch where my pussy had already soaked through my pants. He rubbed the wet spot and expressed his delight with a little rumble of a moan. He made short work of the fastenings and found where the dew was coming from that moistened my pants. He stroked my neck as he nibbled and kissed it while he slipped his fingers around my silky clit and over my pussy. This guy was too hot for words...

I could feel myself melting with every touch of his skin to my own. His nibbling grew to biting on my neck as he felt my wet pussy get wetter and coat my thighs. As two of his fingers slipped by my hole, his middle finger drove itself in and out again as his hand passed over. My body shivered everytime he thrust his finger deep inside me. He opened his eyes and watched me enjoy his touch and a devilish look grew over his face. He whispered in my ear, "Oh you like that? You like my finger in your pussy? Do you like it when i feel in really deep ?" and with that he drove his finger in me as deep as his hand would allow. This guy was driving me insane! Barely able to think let alone form coherent sentences, all i could do was feel my knees buckle beneath me as he pressed his body harder against mine to keep me from falling. He would deeply whisper random things to me in Spanish and I can only assume they're absolutely filthy, or so I hoped. I felt his thumb position itself over my clit and begin a circular motion as his finger felt deep inside and rubbed my G-spot. He was right on it, too! I threw my arms around his neck and a leg around his hip and held on for dear life. When he whispered, he would stop fingering me and rub; when he fingered me, he would bite at my neck and have me alternate between sucking on his fingers and kissing me like crazy. Finally, in English, he growled, "Would you like to cum now, huh? Would like me to let you cum now?". I moaned and nodded while sucking on his finger. Displeased with this, he grabbed my face with his hand (not too hard though ) and made me face him to look in his eyes. He grinned devilishly and demanded I say it and make sure I say 'please'. I gazed into his eyes with nothing but hormones in my eyes and asked," Please... make me cum... por favor"
"tu deseo es mi comando" he replied smirking as the 2 fingers rubbing my pussy suddenly slipped inside me. The pressure of his thumb increased and the movement quicker. The pressure and motion of his middle finger on my G-spot sparked every pleasure nerve my body and I could no longer hold my head up. His hand reached from my neck and held our foreheads together as he licked and kissed my lips. His hips grinding into mine, I felt my body clench and lost my breath. I screamed out a " F U U U U U C K ! ! ! " and felt myself cum and throb on his fingers. He pushed in his digits deeply and held it as I came then small thrusts. My whole body trembled as he tenderly kissed me back to life.
"So was it as good in person as it was in your dream?" he joked.

I'll never tell...

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8/17/2006 12:43 am

I see you posted a version of your own, I posted my version just now in my blog... It's shorter but very hot. I hope you like it.

You should include me in your hotlist or in the blog watch list so you have faster access to my blog

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My dear you've been on my hotlist for a bit now and I have already pinned your blog to be watched! Don't you worry It's too bad I couldn't have faster access to other things of yours. But hey... good things come to those who wait.

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