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hornuslut 26M
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11/12/2005 9:02 pm

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young boy for older man/men

I'd like to be defiled by an old man ... lots of old men, wave after wave of old men spewing cum all over my silky soft skin. I'd like to be overcome by erect penises until I have to reach blindly through an elaborate maze of legs and hands in order to grab the cocks that couldn't get past the stronger men. I love when I'm too blinded by cum to see the cocks gorging my mouth and ass, almost as much as I love when my ass goes so numb I can't notice the difference between the dick slamming my cunt and the hands from the crowd spanking my butt.
I like to wear girl's clothes. Ever since I was a kid I've liked to wear tights, skirts, and frilly panties (I love pink and skirts with buttons). It got me in trouble quite a few times, and more times than that it's gotten me into 'secret trouble', the sort of discipline they wouldn't let me mention to anyone, the kind of discipline I wish I could go back in time and appreciate more - I've been meaning to talk to my uncle about that.

I've never had sex with a family member, at least never using the 'term' sex. We'd call it something like 'playing horsey with uncle' and 'wrestling with daddy ... in bed, naked'. Funny thing is I liked it then and still like thinking about it now. I still masturbate to those memories - I masturbated to them back then too but didn't know I was masturbating. It was just a fun game requiring fun thoughts to finish. Daddy thinks I've forgotten about all that now. I know he still thinks about it because he lands a sneaky touch of my delicates from time to time: a smack on the bottom, a pinch of my bottom, or a full on groping of my bottom when we pass in tight places - and yes, he likes my bottom. I tease him quite a bit these days. Sometimes, when I come out of the shower I wrap the towel round myself like a skirt and walk by him with a wiggle in my hips. He freezes right up and his eyes lock on with my ass. That's usually when he starts trying to grope me. Hmmm maybe I bring it on myself

Older men only - 30 and up, the older the hotter.

Read below for the main profile. Read here if you want me to be indebted to you. If you do this for me I'll give you preference over everyone else and meet with you as soon as you want, failing that I'll make you a picture set at your request - or a video. I want a man to record himself masturbating over a camera. You don't have to show your face but I'd like it from below your cock and aiming up, as though I'm on my knees and you're jacking off on my face. I touch myself to a lot of blow job movies but there's never a 1st receiving vid to be found. Send it to me and we'll talk. Oh, and remember not to send any personal info for the first few posts or ALT will block it. I've too many blocked emails in my bulk folder that I can't reply to with a standard account.

I'll say it. I don't care about your interests and you don't care about mine. I don't want a relationship of any sort. I don't care if you're the ugliest or most boring guy on earth, even the most attractive guy. All I want is a good clean old cock waving in my face. I'll behave however you want me to, cute little good girl or hardcore anal whore.
In all likeliness you're only reading this because you saw my pics and wondered how you'd get that dress over my head. I'm not a rubix cube men! I'm an attention whore, a dirty little slutty attention whore who'll fuck the first guy who mails me.

Even if you don't want to meet up you can email me and I'll pose for free. Tell me what you want me to do and I'll send you the pics. No questions asked, I just like wearing skirts for people. Just remember to tell me what you think of my pics or I won't do them for you again. What's the point in being an attention seeking hussy if no one tells you how pretty you look?

rm_Indiapattern 67M

11/22/2005 10:34 pm

Yes, I'd enjoy this situation. A tight arse rubbing my stiffening manhood. I'm hard thinking about it.

rm_subbyboy3 48M
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11/29/2005 2:25 pm

SECOND TIME I'VE READ YOUR STUFF. second time extremely horny. how can i reach you. I'm in Bray.

rm_mad_dog91 44M
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5/29/2008 5:39 am

hi just wanted to say i drive thru Dungarvan on a regular basis and would love to play with u some day soon, i love hand cuffs and blindfolds if ur interested drop me a line and we can arrange something

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