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5/20/2005 9:44 am

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My Everyday life

It is unbeleivable how easy it is to get sucked in to a different life-style...One year ago if someone would have told me that we would be searching for other couples to bring home and have sex with as a bi-couple I would have laughed in there face. And now here we are, looking for bi-couples that we can have fun with..Only now I think we are leaning more to finding a bi-man and just haveing some MFM fun.

We have discussed our feelings with each other and we are not quite ready for a female partner. I suppose it is mor me than him.. but he is so supportive of me, he is willing to wait until I am ready. He loves to watch me with another man, and I suppose I should feel the same way towards him, but I am not as ready as I thought I was to see him with another woman. I am trying to open up more to the idea, But sice we have not yet found a couple that we are both comfortable with, that will have to come in time.

For now, we are going to search for a bi-men and meet with them, and then decide from there which one we felt the most comfortable with and then call them back....or chat with them some more...and then if it happens it will happen...we are not going to rush into it anymore.. We did that with the first couple and I guess it just was not meant to be. We had fun with them.

I guess mainly they were actually looking for a bi-fem for the two of them to share...I don't know...But we are a couple and we are in this as a couple...we will not be meeting with people in secret places while the other is at work.

I am so lucky that I have a man that is willing to be patient with me...I want him to be taken care of though so I will continue on helping him find a male friend....and if the male friend has a bi woman friend and we all get along...then that will be a plus....I like to be with women, but I am not so ready for my man to be with another woman, I know that sounds a bit one sided....he gets so turned on watching me with another man....I should feel the same way towards him....

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to overcome this...I know he is not going to go anywhere, we love each other and I totally trust him....and he trusts me....We are still getting married in July, and we have talked about finding a couple to come and share our wedding night with us...I need to get over my fear of seeing him with another woman before then....I am so confused....I need some helpful advice...

anintrestedmale 49M

7/15/2005 8:50 am

I don't have any suggestions on how to change your mind but maybee after you have a time with the male you find you may look forward to a fem. I have never been with a guy but am curious. I would love to get to know the 2 of you to see if we could be a match. I look forward to hearing from you.

agoodeight 41M
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2/5/2006 12:11 pm

i am part of a couple that is begining to consider expanding sexually.I feel a little like you in a way we have had a male partner that was fun but not the right person. my partner suggests that we suduce or friends but im not sure if its a good idea. I would love to try it ffm but im not sure she is capable of meeting a female to explore u as a couple whos been there have any suggestions for us. we live in south central mo. but are currently in eugene or. till summer. if u cant help us email us at AdultFriendFinder and good luck too

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