Wow what a day  

horneygyrl69 46F
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4/12/2006 4:21 pm
Wow what a day

Well today is a beautiful day in the Chicagoland area temp around 70 which is almost unheard of for April!!! Kinda reminds me of my days in Texas. No that is not my home town but it really feels like home to me. Anyway...back to the wonderful weather here I am really excited even though there is really not much to do here to celebrate this kind of day except fantasize about how I would like to be sitting in the park with my gyrl (who is a stud something I'll explain later for all that don't really understand) probally under a tree cuddled up just looking at the sky and guessing what shapes the clouds are in. Then out of knowhere she starts rubbing my breast and slightly pinching my nipples just the way I like it sending small explosions to my clit making me want her lips there right here under the trees...
I the perfect thought to a wonderfully beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!

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