Its Been a Minute  

horneygyrl69 46F
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5/15/2006 3:26 pm
Its Been a Minute

ok its been a minute sorry been handling the Bullshit that comes with being unemployed....the effectiveness of out goverment agencies....Yeah!

Any who I have also been working on my book...yeah trying to become a published. So that has me really busy but I am enjoying the process.

Here is a taste:

As she walked down the street she thought to herself "what are you doing you barely even know this women yet you are prancing down the street in the middle of the night trying to do what" Paige prided herself on not being easy just because sex with women is suppose to be safer a fact she new wasn't true. She shook the thought from her head because it would make her loose her nerve. Instead she focused on the woman she was about to see. Tall but not really slender but very muschlar cute in a rugged sort of way. Which made Paige smile because she knew she could handle up on a thick sista like herself. Which is exactly what Paige needed since her last relationship. But it was her eyes that captured her because even in her roughness she had these soft Bambi like eyes that made Paige want to get to know her.....Her eyes said that she had a lot of gentle love to give something else Paige needed.....

I bet you all though it was going to nasty didn't you?? Ha Ha just a teaser can't give to much away then why would you want to buy the book.

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