Ravished in the Showers  

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9/18/2005 7:19 pm

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Ravished in the Showers

He was there, working out. I caught him watching me several times, and he followed me into the locker room when I was done. He was using a locker across from mine, and I caught a glimpse of him stripping off his work-out clothes and standing there for a minute, watching me as I disrobed, staring at my ass. He walked to the shower room with a towel covering that mean-looking dick. I knew we would be the only people in the showers if I went in there. I was scared. I started to chicken out and take my towel, but lust prevailed. I tossed my towel into my locker and locked it. I was naked with nothing to cover me if my telltale clit gave me away. I thought for a moment that my fears would cool my excitement, but my little clit started to stiffen about halfway to the shower room.

By the time I walked in, it was sticking up and wagging like a faggot flag. He was staring straight at me as I walked in, that huge cock dangling like a warrior’s spear. When I looked at it, my own little toy jumped up even higher. He laughed out loud when he saw me. I took a shower stall where he could have a clear view of my ass. “God damn!” he said. “You got you a woman’s ass there, boy!” I looked back at him, and his dick was starting to get hard. It was standing straight out from his body with an upward bow. I had never seen it hard before. The long, stout shaft was thickest in the middle and tapered to a huge knob about the size of my fist. Water from the shower had made his giant fuckpole glisten, and the bulging veins seemed to throb as it raised up from his groin. The menacing pee-hole at its tip seemed to be aimed right at my ass. His big, powerful balls hung low beneath a thicket of black hair. I tried to turn away, hiding my little erection.

Seconds later, he was standing next to me, that monster cock rearing up like a fierce reptile. I couldn’t take my eyes from it. It wavered in the air, seething with anger and lust. He laughed at my little erection, sticking up and wagging like crazy. “I know a hot little slut when I see one,” he said. “I can see yur little swishy stick. You ain’t nothin’ but a hot-assed girl with her little clitty stickin’ way out for a man to see, is you?” I was afraid to say anything. “Turn around and let me take a look at that cute butt!” I did as I was told and moaned as his huge hands spread the soft cheeks of my ass. “Da-yum!” he said. “It’s as soft and curvy as a little girl’s ass! Let’s you and me fuck!” His cock was now swollen to the size of a muscular forearm with a broad, flat head for a fist. I shuddered from head to toe as I stared at it.

At that moment another guy walked in and saw us. He started to walk out. “Hey, buddy!” the stud yelled out. “Do me a favor and watch the door, will ya’? We’re about to have us a little fun here.” The guy smiled. “Sure thing! No problem,” he said. The stud turned back to me. “Suck on my dick, cunt! Get it good and wet so’s it’ll slide clean the way up your sweet ass!” I hesitated, so he took me by the shoulders and bent me down until his incredible cock was inches from my lips. “Suck it now, cunt!” I opened my mouth and took as much of the huge head as I could get between my lips. I used my tongue to lather and soak the length of his pulsating shaft. God! He was so fucking huge! I started to tremble at the thought of the damage he would do inside my little asshole.

He only let me suck for a few seconds, then spun me around and bent me over. I felt his strong hands spread my ass cheeks wide. Then some cold spittle landed directly in my little hole and I groaned as I felt his fingers lubricate my sphincter. Moments later, it started. He pressed his gigantic manhood against my tiny fissure and started to drive into me. I braced myself against the cold, wet tiles of the shower walls. Oh, my god! My tender little hole resisted at first, but his cock was sooo hard and my little tissues were no match for his overpowering strength. It only took him a few brutal strokes and I felt that oversized manpole moving into me. When that huge head passed through my anus, I cried out in protest, but he was oblivious to my pain. He pulled out and thrust again and again, moving ever deeper inside of me. He grunted with obvious pleasure with each cruel stroke until his balls slapped against the cheeks of my ass, and I knew that I had taken the length of his massive hammer. I could feel every inch of that rigid, cruel weapon stretching the walls of my butt-cunt.

His strong legs had lifted my feet off the floor, and my legs were thrashing like crazy to cope with the merciless, agonizing bliss he had unleashed deep within my bowels. Then he really cut loose, using long, violent strokes to ravish and pummel my raw, tender entrails, slaking his lust in the recesses of my wanton, helpless tushy. I could feel my innermost tissues yielding to the domineering strength of this gargantuan intruder. His magnificent manhood kicked up a storm of internal sensation so violent that I nearly passed out from the intensity. He didn’t care. My ass was nothing but a toy surrendered to the will of an all-powerful, rampaging dick that was going to wrench every ounce of pleasure it could find from the soft tissues of my helpless, receptive entrails. He just kept on grunting and driving into me, ignoring my cries of pain. Every stroke was a shattering blow to my nerves, pushing me closer and closer to sensual oblivion. Then I felt his fierce, rampaging reptile pause before my ravisher grunted once more, even louder this time, and his cock erupted with gusher after gusher of frothy cum, drenching my raw viscera. The wild, stinging sensations made me cry out like a helpless little girl, but that just made the stud laugh like a demon as he pulled his weapon from my gaping little hole and let me fall to the floor in a helpless heap of shuddering, shaking flesh.

His copious cum spilled out of my wide-open asshole like milk from a broken bottle. The stud pointed to my dick and laughed again. “Yur little swishy stick is still as stiff as ever,“ he said. “You liked that didn’t you?” I looked up at my new Lord and Master, his amazing weapon now spent but hanging down nearly to his knee. The shaft was stained with my blood and viscera. I watched the spoils from my delicate insides drip from his dick onto to the floor and make a puddle almost as big as the one that had flowed from my ravaged sphincter. “Tell me you loved it, cunt!” he demanded. “I loved it,” I whimpered. “Tell me I can have your cute little girlie ass anytime I want it!” he yelled. “Tell me I own yur ass!” I just kept staring at that incredible dick. “You own my ass,” I said. He laughed again, grabbed his towel, and started to walk away. I overheard him yell out loud, "Man, I just had me some fine-ass pussy!!"

It was several minutes before I could stand up. Finally I made it to my feet and turned on the shower. My little “swishy stick” was still sticking straight up when I walked back to my locker. It wouldn’t go down. I stumbled several times and had to use the walls to keep from falling. My sphincter was still gaping and I could feel the cum streaming down the insides of my thighs. The men in the locker stared and whispered. Mr. Supercock was there, talking with some other men as he got dressed. I heard him repeat the phrase "fine ass pussy" several times, looking my way and grinning. As I got dressed, it felt as though all of them were staring and chuckling out loud. But somehow I made it back to my car. I sat there for a long time, trying to believe what had happened, before I put the key into the ignition and drove away.


redmustang91 57M  
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9/23/2005 10:15 am

I know I am not gay after reading this fantasy!

horneycheeks 63M

9/24/2005 3:27 am

Well, Mark's amazing cock is definitely straight out of my fantasies, if that's what you mean...

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