Making new friends  

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8/23/2006 2:21 am

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Making new friends

I keep thinking maybe my anal cravings are under control, and then something happens like what happened today. This tall, dark-haired man starts talking to me in the locker room at my gym. I thought he had been staring at my ass when I changed into my work-out clothes. I stood there naked in front of my locker for several minutes with my ass turned in his direction, and I know he was checking me out. I guess I enjoyed the attention.

When I finished my work out and started to undress, there he was again. He waited until I was naked before he said anything. I left my towel inside my locker as usual, secured it, then started to walk toward the showers. It was then that he asked me if I had noticed a girl wearing an orange halter top on the gym floor. I stood there naked while he talked about the girl. He described her top as being very low-cut and said he thought she had been putting on a show for the guys, bending over to show off her cleavage. “I love it when a pussy shows off her assets and makes you think she’s eager to get fucked,” he said.

He looked down at my penis and seemed to stifle a chuckle. “What happened, dude?” he asked. “Didn’t your gonads develop normally? Damn! I’d wear a towel if I was you. Some guys can’t keep a secret! You wouldn’t want that to get around.” He laughed. The other men glanced in my direction but said nothing. I was speechless. He had caught me completely off guard. The man was very well-built, with stout shoulders and bulging veins in his biceps.

I started to walk toward the showers, but before I could turn around, he yanked off his jockstrap. His limp member dropped halfway to his knees. It had an unusual shape–almost like a coke bottle, but bigger, with a fat purple head. A large, snake-like vein ran along the top of the fleshy shaft. His huge dick was uncut, the foreskin stretching taut across his blunt dickhead. His scrotum was a thorny, dangling sack of latent sexual fury, with one testicle drooping well below the other.

He tossed his jock strap into his gym bag and turned toward me, grinning ear to ear, his proud manhood swinging wildly as he moved. I do not recall ever being as frightened by the sight of a man’s cock. Before I knew what had happened, my little penis was as stiff as it could be, standing straight up. One guy across the room said something to the man next to him. They glanced over in my direction and laughed.

I turned and rushed as fast as I could toward the showers, my little erection wagging in front of me. I ducked into the shower stall and heard more laughter coming from the men in the locker room. The man with the amazing dick walked by me and I heard him say, loudly: “Yeah. I love it when a pussy shows off her assets and lets you know she wants to get fucked!”

I took ten minutes to shower, but my erection would not go down. I finally gave up and walked back to my locker with a full hard-on. I heard several men snickering as they glanced my way. I heard one guy say, “Shit! I had more dick than that when I was eight years old.” I stood in front of my locker and toweled off. I knew the other men were laughing at me, but I was past caring.

Eventually, my penis finally started to go soft. I was still naked when Mr. Coke Bottle Dick came out of the shower room, his limp weapon slapping against his muscular thighs as he walked. I could not help myself. I had to look at it again. Oh, my god! I almost could not believe my eyes! My little penis was instantly erect. I desperately tried to pull on my jeans before he noticed, but it was too late. I tossed my jeans back in the locker and stood there, my hard-on clearly visible to anyone who looked my way. I could feel his eyes all over my ass. I was just another pussy showing off her assets, and he knew it.

Eventually I managed to get dressed and made my way out of the gym. Coke Bottle Dick yelled at me in the parking lot as I was about to get in my car. He walked over and told me his name. He was suddenly very cordial and polite.

“Sorry if I embarrassed you in there. I had a hunch about you and just wanted to check out my little theory. Can I get your name and phone number?” he asked. “Maybe we can catch dinner and a movie some time.” He was obviously doing his best to calm my fears. We both knew what he could do to me. And how easy it would be for him and how thrillingly excruciating it would be for my eager, helpless little ass.

“Sure,” I said. “Call me anytime.”

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