Locker Room Tail  

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9/8/2005 3:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Locker Room Tail

Today I decided to take a chance and walk to the shower at my gym without a towel. I like to take chances like that when I'm especially horney. I guess I'm secretly hoping something will happen. As I finished showering and started to walk back to my locker, there was a naked guy standing there, toweling off. I had noticed him watching me before. I knew he was well-hung, but this time his mean-looking dick appeared to be about the size of my fore arm. I was instantly hard and there was nothing I could do to cover up. I walked back to my locker with my penis sticking up and wagging back and forth. Several guys saw me standing there in front of my locker with a hard-on, fiddling with the lock. I heard the guy with the huge cock chuckle as he walked past me. I could feel his eyes staring at my ass.

As I left the gym and headed to my car, three girls were walking behind me, giggling. I'm sure I heard one of them say "pencil dick" just before the others burst out laughing. They turned their heads to look at me as I got in my car. My penis was still as straight and hard as it could be. It would not go down.

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