Girl Talk and Penis Size  

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6/12/2006 1:40 pm

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Girl Talk and Penis Size

(This is specifically directed at women, since only they would know the answer: I recently posed a question on "Advice Lines" about what women tell their girlfriends after they sleep with a guy for the first time. Several female responders said they would only talk about the size of the man's penis if it was either very big or very small. One woman who checked out my profile stated that she definitely would have let her girlfriends know if the guy had a pencil dick, and several readers agreed.) Ladies: After you slept with a new guy for the first time, would you tell your girlfriends that he had a pencil dick?
Yes, because girlfriends want to know all the juicy details and it's a rule that girl talk stays confidential.
No. I would tell them everything else but that is one detail I would keep private.
Yes, because I wouldn't want them to be disappointed like I was.
No, because I might decide to keep dating him anyway and he might find out about it.
Yes, but only if I had no intention of seeing him again.
No, but I might hint that he was small without getting so graphic.
No, for reasons not mentioned above.

horneycheeks 63M

6/16/2006 4:37 pm

Thank you, Miss Bananajunkie. And thank you to the other women who have responded to my poll. It's fascinating to know what girls tell each other but would never tell a man. Now I know.

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