Encore performance  

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10/5/2005 2:54 am

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Encore performance

Went to work out again today. Mark got there at the same time I did and took the locker next to mine.

“How are you, babe?” he asked.


That was the extent of our exchange. He took off his pants and stood there, his half-hard dick coiled like a huge cobra inside his briefs. He waited until I took off my own briefs, then pulled his off, exposing his magnificent cock. My clit pointed up like a swizzle stick.

Mark laughed. “I’m ready for another piece of that sweet ass,” he said. “Let me know when you’re done with your work-out, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied. He stuffed his cock into a jock strap and pulled on his gym shorts, then walked out with a disgusting smirk across his face. I finished putting on my work-out clothes and headed for the gym floor.

Rachel was there and waved at me, crooking her finger to beckon me to where she was standing at the top of a staircase. I walked over to her. Where we were standing, we could be seen by everyone on both floors of the crowded gym

“Can I count on you for Thursday?” Rachel grinned, glancing at my crotch. “I can see your little…whatever… is rising to the occasion, as usual.”

“Yes. I’ll be there.”

Rachel smiled “Can you help me?” she asked. She pointed to a heavy steel bar on top of a tall metal rack. “I need that and I can’t reach it.”

“Sure,” I said. I reached up and gripped the bar with both hands. It was very heavy, and I had to struggle to prevent it from falling.

And then my shorts came off. Mark had sneaked up behind me and waited until I could do nothing to cover myself. My stiff clit was exposed and pointing up for everyone to see. A hush came over the entire gym.

“Swishy stick, everybody!” Mark yelled out. “Everybody look at the little faggot-ass swishy stick!” He and Rachel both laughed and pointed at my erect clit. The next thing I knew, Mark had pulled my shirt off, and I was standing there completely naked and erect and in front of the whole gym.

I handed Rachel the steel bar. “This was a set-up, wasn’t it?” I asked.

Rachel nodded, a huge, indecent grin on her face. “I wanted to be sure you were ready for the party,” she said.

All eyes were on me as I walked back to the locker room with my pencil clit wagging in front of me. There was a mixture of mocking laughter and scattered applause. At least two people had camera phones and were busy snapping pictures. Two girls stopped and moved to one side as I passed through a doorway. They were both staring. “I told you he was little,” one of them whispered. I got dressed and left. My clit was still hard when I got to my car.

The staff must have felt sorry for me, because none of them said a thing…


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