Dinner and some stimulating conversation  

horneycheeks 63M
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8/29/2006 2:00 am
Dinner and some stimulating conversation

A few days after the encounter in the locker room, Roy–Mr. Coke Bottle Dick–called me and asked me to meet him for dinner. We went to a nice restaurant off the Promenade in Santa Monica. After he paid for the meal, we moved to the bar and spent over an hour just talking like two regular guys. I was starting to feel comfortable with him. After a while, I almost forgot about the little pet monster he carried between his legs. Then he brought up the topic of ex-girlfriends.

“You should have seen this one girl I went out with two months ago,” he said. “Looked exactly like the latest Playboy centerfold. Beautiful, long blonde hair, a face and mouth to die for, tits that stuck out like twin peaks, and legs that went on forever! Damn! She was hot! We had some great sex–she loved my big ol' hammer! She couldn’t stop sucking on it! That was something to see: those gorgeous red lips wrapped around my wide dick, her eager tongue lapping at my balls. Wow! But she had this incredible ass. Oh, man! What a perfect ass! Round and soft but tight and firm, with skin as smooth as silk. All I could think about was fucking that gorgeous ass! But she told me to forget it. No way! My dick was way too big and thick for her to let me get near her butt.”

“What a damn shame,” I said.

“You’re telling me! That’s the frustrating thing about having such a big dick. Girls love it–but they won’t let you near their precious little tushies. Know what I mean?”

“Sure,” I said.

Roy let out a cruel laugh. “Like hell you do.” he said. “What does a dude with a little pencil dick like yours know about how it feels to have a big fucking dick?” He laughed again.

“I…guess…I don’t know.”

“Damn right you don’t. You ain’t got a clue. But you know what? That ass of yours is unbelievable. I have never seen such a fucking perfect female ass on a man. I swear your ass ought to be in Playboy–it’s that beautiful. Made for fucking. You know that?”

“Ah, gee. Thanks, I guess.” I was starting to get a little scared about where this was going.

“You ever have a dick up there?” he asked.

I hesitated. I didn’t know what to say.

“You want it, bad, don’t you?”


“My dick. Up your ass. You want it, right? That’s why your little pecker got all stiff when you saw my dick in the locker room. Well. You’re crazy! You want to know how big my dick gets when its hard, you prancing little anal queen? It’s almost 8 inches around. And the head is even bigger. You turn that cute little ass over to me and I will destroy your butt! I’ll have that little sphincter gaping so wide it’ll look like a whore’s pussy when I’m done! You’ll be screaming and squirming and thrashing around like a wanton bitch in heat. What I’m hoping is that you want to please my dick so bad that you won’t care how much it hurts. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Oh, my god! You’re really scaring me.”

“That’s because you know you want it." Roy laughed out loud. "That’s all I needed to know. Your little pecker is stiff as it can be, ain’t it? Just like a swollen clit. We’re gonna fuck, my little anal queen. And soon. I will call you and ask you to put on a nice little dress and some heels and meet me in a dark alley not far from here. That’s my fantasy. To fuck a gorgeous woman's ass for the first time--full throttle--in the middle of a dark alley at night. And your little butt-pussy is it. Your female ass is gonna show my mean and nasty oversized dick what it’s been missing all this time. And while you’re screaming and begging for mercy, I’m gonna be holding your slutty, naked ass still and relishing every minute of it."

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