"When are you coming back to the gym?"  

horneycheeks 63M
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9/29/2005 8:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"When are you coming back to the gym?"

A female AdultFriendFinder member wrote to say that she belongs to the same health club I do. Not only that, but she was there when Mark ripped up my shorts and made me walk naked back to the locker room. (I tried to use my shirt to cover my erection, but he ripped that up, too.) I guess that means she's sharing whatever she reads here with her girlfriends at the club. She asked me when I'm coming back...

Another female member asked me to add some photos of my 5 inch X 1 inch penis to my profile. She wanted to see this 'pencil dick' I keep talking about. Since standard members can't see my videos, I decided to do as she requested. I certainly wouldn't want to deprive a lovely girl of seeing such a rare specimen of manhood.


dutifulblonde 35F

10/1/2005 5:29 pm

Well, I am certainly NOT the female member who asked, but I can see very clearly from the photos that your 'penis' is 4 inches long, not 5 inches. LOL!! It's so typical for a man to exagerrate his size and then expect women to say nothing about it.

Just accept the fact that you have a lovely ass and a very small penis and learn to live with it. I'm sure you're probably much smarter than most of the really well-hung guys. Sex isn't everything. (Okay, well, maybe it is way ahead of whatever's in second place, but it isn't everything!) BTW, you write very well, and I enjoy reading your blog.

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