oh my god!  

horneybabe000 41M
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6/25/2006 8:47 pm
oh my god!

today as i was chating to my cosin from cornwall my uncle cam in my roomlocked the door and started taking advantage of me as i said buy to my cosin we started making out, at that time he started sliping his hand up my skirt(i was wearing the skirt as i was just about to go out and hit the streets) i felt horney, my mum shouted up the stairs to me that she had to pop out for a minute. as she left my uncle tore off my top and my skirt leaving me with only my bra and thongs on i was so horney at that monment that i took them off myself in the most sexyest way whilst lapdancing on his lap. then i riped off his jeans as he started fingering me (he got 4 fingers up) playing with my clit so fast i couldnt help but just jump on his cock, ias i done this it hurt really bad but we carried on shaging i was so horney and he got hy other two uncles in and one of them was filming this and the other one was shoving his cock so hard and fast up my ass i cum all imn my uncles mouth who the made out with me as we were still shaging for another 3 hours before we stoped that was the most hornyest monment of my life.

rm_bengy715 44M
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6/25/2006 9:54 pm

wow is all I can say

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