You're Married, why are you looking?  

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11/5/2005 2:43 am

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You're Married, why are you looking?

(I am now Divorced, but thought to keep this up because it is a history of my life)

HI there .......,

Everytime I read your replies, you get wittier and quite sexy intelligent. For what its worth, if we never met, slept together or had coffee, I would consider myself enlightened and satisfied by our conversations. I am enjoying the direction of our questions to one another, sharing similar situations with our spouses. Although, as I say that, I can hear a feminist voice in the peanut gallery, "yeah right you're just saying that", and thus the modern man's plight. Where chivarly, respect and self control are not viewed as masculine qualities.

By the way, I am in Utah preparing my seminar on "......". I am sitting on the bed in a plain decored hotel room I am not naked "thinking of you". LOL. Simply checking all of my emails.

So to answer your question "Why are you looking", which by the way thank you for answering that too, it was on my mind. On the outside we are a happy couple with 3 children and we love each other dearly. We married at 20 and 21, and were eachother's first kiss, which led to a series of first's around the bases it's a Mormon thing for us. Although married for 9 years, I minutely felt robbed of a broader sexual experience, being so young when we started. That feeling was only amplified when my wife confided in me last year that she has never masturbated, thought sex was "icky", but loved the cuddling and intimate time we shared. Also that she was embarrased of her female anatomy, which explains the limitations on creative sex acts. In essence, her idea of fullfilled sexual fantasy, is heavy petting and making out where she becomes wet with passion, without any intercourse. Its fine, it just got old.

My mind then reached back at all those hot encounters beginning with our innocent explorations of eachother's bodies, slow massages, giggling roleplays with our sometimes goofy outfits and eventually passionate sex acts benefiting the both of us, or so I thought. Anniversaries, weekend getaways, cruise vacations etc., Am I that bad of a lover? Is she only doing it for me? Thus the exploration stage of my life.

Over the last year I have discreetly reached out for more natural encounters and have learned something of myself every time. Mainly that I am normal and my wife will need time to learn about herself, and she has. And she faces the same dilemma as I did a year ago, limited sexual maturity and experience. I am not declaring that I am some stud like most of the AdultFriendFinder guys swear to, let's just say that as a human male genetically coded with male anatomy, things work fine. And since I had only been with one partner with whom I learned about sex, I engage it as a couples thing, sharing until both felt satisfied.

The other thing I have learned is that one-night stands suck. I tried an escort a couple of times and I always felt like the betrayed woman lying in bed in the morning to find her partner gone. Things are better with more time and a relationship. When I say relationship, its one where individuals can communicate with love and respect. If that is present, then even the not so good times, sexually, financially, experiential, can be improved upon.

Yikes...did you fall asleep while reading my novel? I obviously have some tender emotions about it and I accept the process. Anyways this is what I meant when I said I could do the "blah blah blah justification thing.

On to the rest of your questions: LOL NO I am not a stalker LOL. Althoug what stalker would say "Yes I am watch out I am coming over!" lol. Hopefully when you read my inferences and incidental information it gives you a good clue of what I am about.

As for bad habits, I am a mormon so I have no chemical habits. I work alot. And I sometimes forget to put the toilet seat down. lol

Fetishes, nope, although I enjoyed my first trip to a strip club last month and I wonder if I will ever get the courage to go again. It was somewhat uncomfortable. I wasn't used to women lunging at my wallet! LOL.

.......Well I think I have said way too much. Incidentally, I think we could have a good conversation void of "I want you". Blast!!! I did so by virtue of writing about it. speaking to self only as a stalker can a thousand smacks to the forehead!

So tell me more about you. I would like to know more about "I am bored at home. There is not really an open communication at home".

Have a splendid weekend,


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