Lately I like to be watched..You want to see?  

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8/26/2006 12:21 am

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Lately I like to be watched..You want to see?

I don't know what it is? Perhaps all those Saturdays behind the camera filming others "doing it" has turned the voyeur in me into an exhibitionist, albeit a minor one at that.

The videographer job requires some coaching, because the directors just sit back and masturbate. So I have taken the liberty to coach the scenes to maximize the film. Unless you're porn queen like .....uhmm I don't know a name, I am too new to the industry! LOL.

Anyhow, often times the "talent" has no idea what sexy, sensual or hot is when in the act.

So lately I found myself responding to women's ads that say they like to watch. what intrigues me is the ability to have some camera awareness and make "it" hot and the viewer gets aroused.....and if you're really good "gets off" on it.

I am not saying I am some hot stud, simply that to be watched requires "talent" and should be worked on.

Why do you like to watch?
What was your best viewing experience?
Some tips for the exhibitionist for your maximum viewing pleasure?
Wanna watch me? lol.

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