my first date  

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6/6/2006 12:50 pm
my first date

on saturday 3rd of june, i had my first date. we met via e-mails, and started to chat, and found we got on very started to arrange a date.
the first problem was the location, somewhere central to both of us, that was easily done by looking at the map. next where to meet, this was taken by the lady , who went out for a drive one afternoon and found a pub. she e-mailed me the location. when i opened the post i decided to find where the pub was,( do a dry run)so i knew how long it would take and so i wouldn't get lost. the directions were easy to follow so i found it with no problem, a lovely looking pub in todmorden. on saturday i set off in plenty of time, to allow for hold ups. but made good time, and arrived half an hour early. not to worry i was in a pub so orded a drink and sat waiting. probably my imagination but people seemed topbe staring at me, did they know what i was doing?
so i went to sit outside in the sun, and soon my date arrived,as soon as i got he drinks in and sat down, we started chatting away. and there was no unsettling silences, we just kept on talking.with it been a hot sunny day we went for a stroll around the town, then headed back to the pub for a meal, more drinks and even moor chatting found that we'd been talking for five hours, non stop. wow that had gone so quickly.
by this time it was seven O'Clock and i was traveling to royston that nite so we started to walk to our cars, as we came to her car first we hugged, said how we enjoyed our time together and went our separate ways.
my first date over and was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed it was, so a special thank you to the lady in question, for making the day so good

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