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7/13/2005 6:03 pm

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It was a hot, humid steamy day. The air was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Something was stirring, was it me or a storm brewing? I needed to get out and DO something. I hopped in my van, no destination in mind, just drive. I stopped at a convienent store, grabbed me something to drink, some munchies and something to read. Headed back out, to where, I’ve no clue. As I headed north, I came across a sign for the local dam. I remembered that my ex and I used to go fishing at a few different secluded areas. So, I decided to head over to one of the more secluded sites.
As I pulled in, I noticed a large black Ram PU with dark tinted windows. I just figured there was enough room for all of us. I picked a spot on the other side of the gravel lot. Grabbed my cell phone, my bag of goodies, my book, folding chair and flash light, just incase. I headed down the path. I veered off to the right, then heard voices. I think there were two of them, one was male, but couldn’t quit make out the other one. I turned around and headed back to the fork in the path, and then veered left. I had never been down this path. The air was thicker, the trees heavier. White rivers of sunlight streaming through the branches marked my way along the path. I came to a ledge that looked over the reservoir. It was a great view, the water was dotted with white dots of boats, and small water crafts. Bobbing here and there, waiting for a break from the heat, waiting for something to happen.
This was my spot to relax. Opened my chair, grabbed my book, sat back and plopped off my shoes. Ahhh, a little better. As I sat there reading my book, listening to the motors and the light tapping of the water making land fall against the pebbles that line the shore, I got heavy lidded. I just sunk lower into my chair and closed my eyes.
I awoke to my skin tingling, and breathing heavy, and my clit throbbing. Was I dreaming something erotic? Or was it the electricity in the air? I sat up and looked around. No one, I wondered if the folks that were parked in the lot had left. I hadn’t heard anything. I opened my bottle of water and took a long drink. “Man, what is wrong with me?”, I asked myself. My skin was crawling, I was breathing heavily, everything was pulsing and throbbing. I got up and walked to the edge of the water, dipped my toes in, hot. Thick just like the air we are breathing. I walked around my chair and just stared out across the water. I leaned over my chair reaching for my water, my large DD breasts brushed against my chair, and my nerves become on fire. “What the hell is wrong?” I sat back in my chair. I could feel my face flaming, my ears were on fire, everything was numb and alive at the same time. I looked around and listened. I didn’t see nor did I hear anything. I reached up my sleeve to pull my left bra strap down, did the same with the right. I pulled my bra away from my breasts, let them breathe. I skimmed my palms over my nipples, spread my legs and hung my head over the backrest of my chair. I want it so bad.
I once again, glanced from my left to right, in front and in back. No one was around. I cant believe what I am thinking. And I do it anyway. I take my right hand, slowly slid it under my shorts, under my underwear, to my very wet, hot throbbing pussy.

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7/14/2005 4:42 am

thats powerful There was somthing exciting good deal

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8/24/2005 8:31 pm

love your work hon you should submit it to litererioca

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