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7/15/2005 6:41 am

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I comply with his tongue, allowing entrance into my hot mouth, to play the mating rituals of tongues. My body melts into the chair. He lifts his head away from mine, we stare at each other, seeking the answers to the questions we are both asking. His beautiful clear eyes are glazed over with passion, searching my own passion filled eyes. I lean over to him, grab his bottom lip with my own, suck his bottom lip, then nip it with my teeth. His hands come around to my shirt and as I gaze into his eyes, his hands cup my breasts. They slowly reach up under my shirt, then skin meets skin. I give a little jump as the excitement rushes through my veins, making my blood pump faster, if that is possible. I watch as his head slowly dips forward to capture my nipple. I throw my head back as a small moan of pleasure escapes between my lips. I reach down to grab his head, and gently press him into my breasts.
Then I hear it, the roar of an engine, he stops to stare into my eyes. I look up and out onto the water of the reservoir. And notice several boats have come closer to the shore. I look down into his eyes again, and whisper, “I can’t do this here.” He gently pulled my shirt down and stood up. He reached for my hand. I knew if I placed my hand in his, I would see paradise this day. My dutiful, conservative nature screamed at me to not take it, my wild passionate, lonely nature, screamed for release. I gently placed my hand in his. We started up the path towards the parking lot. I can feel the wetness between my legs. They are week from passion and wanting. He tries to make small talk on the way, asking the “normal” questions. Are you married, kids, work, and of course, come here often. A small giggle escapes from between my lips. A giggle for crying out loud! We reach the parking lot. He stops, I stop. I then notice that we are still holding hands, I look down to the connection and think, “now this is nice”.
We stare at our vehicles, and then we look at each other at the same time. I blush and quietly say, “Mine has a queen size bed”. He grins and just says, “Uh huh”. We head toward my van. He opens the side doors, and gestures for me to enter. I go immediately over to the bed and sit. He leaves the door slightly ajar, the air inside was stiff ling un breathable. He joins me on the bed. He once again lifts up my shirt, and starts to knead my breasts, then replaces his hands with his mouth. I once again grab his head, his NASCAR ball cap falls off as I gently push his head between my large breasts. He lifts his head up and asks me to sit up. I comply. He starts kissing my neck and his hands reach around to unsnap my bra and remove it completely. He reaches to remove my shirt, but I grab his hands. I am a bit self conscious because of my weight, he sees this in my eyes, and shakes his head no. I notice a sheet lying on the bed, so I grab that to wrap around my middle. I lean over to remove his shirt, and run my hands through the sprinkling of dark hair covering his chest. The palms of my hands run across his nipples, and I hear HIM take a quick intake of breath. I smile, the secret smile that us woman make when we realize the power we hold over men. I run my hands down to the waistband of his jeans, slowly unbutton, then unzip them. I notice that he is larger than I am used to, and my clit, if possible, throbs harder.
He lays me back on the bed, reaches up under the sheet to remove my shorts and panties. He comes up to the bed with me, lays next to me, he gently rolls me over so that my back is up against his hard pulsating cock. He lifts the mounds of hair blocking my neck, and starts to kiss it. He reaches over with his large callused hands and starts to play with my breasts and nipples again. I arch my back, seeking his cock against my ass. His left hand leaves my breasts, running along my hip, to lay softly on my wet mound, then down my left thigh. He lifts my left leg up, so that my foot is now on the bed and my leg is up. His left hand runs along my leg, to my thigh, then back to my mound.
I hear him breathing heavy in my ear, his hot breath tickling my ear. He whispers, “Baby, you are so hot and wet, what were you doing to yourself?” I wanted to answer him, but how could I, with his hand seeking entrance into the secret part of my womanhood. I reach down to meet his hand, I then hear him say, “Uh huh.” I leave his hand to work alone. He finds my clit, and I feel him touch it gently. I jump, I want to scream, the pressure builds more. His finger starts to play with my clit, my ass rubs against his hard cock, he moans, I moan. Then he is gone. He rolls me to my back, and he is gone off the bed. I sit up and stare into those mesmerizing eyes. He is staring down at me. He grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed. He grabs my left leg and lays it on the seat in front of the bed, and does the same with my right leg. I watch him slowly get to his knees between my legs, I know what is going to happen, I want to stop, this is wrong, but I am helpless as I watch his face lean closer as his hands part my wet, hot, pussy.

rm_a33an 46F

7/16/2005 4:21 am

Nothing wrog wih a good clit licking !!
Gets me off many times.

How about you invite me to your network??
I am too junior on this site to do it
hope to see you

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7/17/2005 7:17 pm

Well, if nothing else all your hot talk has turned on the ladies.......*grin*

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7/18/2005 1:23 pm

great writing , I hope it happened to you. If not contact me and ill try to make your fantasies come true. keep writing I enjoyed it. lol

honeysdd 45F
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7/18/2005 5:52 pm

Thank you ladies for your praise. LOL.. And NO luv2givetake, this has NEVER happened to me. Read my profile if interested, or email me through AdultFriendFinder, and we can "chat".

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