how normal am i........ or should it be how abnormal are u......  

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5/13/2006 8:01 am

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5/14/2006 2:25 pm

how normal am i........ or should it be how abnormal are u......

its been awhile since i posted anything .... should commit more time to this page.... but sometimes i wonder if its the right thing to do...... as i sometimes vent too much on here giving ppl the wrong impression about things and me......

I am actually a very easy going person who doesn't have any hang-up except for the typical human nature that we all sometimes expose to the world to see.

Its funny how a small thing in life can change so much how one feels or thinks.

Its amazing how meeting a single person on here can change your mood and out-look on life.... some really great personality's to be found here and some really made up ones too i think.... but usually u see through those.

Had a conversation last night and the subject of love came up..... i personally don't believe in love...its over rated and commercialized but then I'm a bit jaded in that department. Does true love really exist.... mmm i wonder... would like to believe it... but hey looking around the world makes me disbelieve intensely ... like this site.... so many married men looking for fun.... do they have true love... doubt it ... they wouldn't be here .... and it makes me laugh when they say they love their wives but they need more..... what more u want.... to trash what is supposed to be sacred.... (don't know whats so sacred about marriage personally but hey who am i to make that kind of judgment).... its like the debate on having sex or making love.... what really is the difference..... true love..... phhah.... i make love every time i have sex.... doesn't mean that i love the person... i just respect them enough to make it special..... yes sex / making love can become very sterile and cheap but that happens when one of the participants doesn't respect the other no matter how kinky or deviant the acts become if there is respect it is making love..... (such a corny phrase actually).

Something that puzzles me here on cyber world... why do men ask woman this question "what would u like me to do to u?" dahhh..... in the real world when u meet someone and u find ur sexually attracted to each other.... do u stop in the middle of a hot erotic kiss or caress and ask what do u like..... or do u subtly progress to what u want to do to that woman or man and engage their reaction as u progress.....isn't it better to ask does this feel good... would u like some more...... is this how u like it..... not what would u like...... and if u want something then make the suggestion such as ohhh i love my ...... to be licked or sucked or bitten or what ever it is that does it for u..... and the same goes for the other person .... granted some ppl are more inhibited than others but if done right wouldn't they open up until its a mutual give and take .... a discovery of great heights and higher pleasure?????

And to "u know who u are" I'm not making reference to u or what we experienced k.... it was great..... didn't leave me with anything but a good feeling in my soul.....and other areas....thanks....

loadeddice05 44M

5/13/2006 8:43 am

I'm sooooooo normal!!! I give normalcy!!!! Definition!!!

Toodela 59M
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5/14/2006 10:24 am

I think if we say 'make love' we refer to having sex with a person you truly love. Of course one cannot make love without having sex, but one can also make love without having sex. I've had sex with a person I love too, but then it is raw lust that controls the action. Yes, and lovemaking can change into sex too, when you get out of control. I think it is a thin line, but mainly goes about emotions and not just how it feels.

There should always be respect, even with wild sex. I believe not one person on earth has the right to disrespect another persons body, soul or mind, even bad people need some respect, for they stay human beings. Maybe their minds just got screwed up and even those people have the ability to become decent people. If not, they should be admitted to a mental facility.

and lastly, 'true love' do exist and my wish for you is that you will find it to be true


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