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5/12/2006 9:30 am

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first blog

Today is the first time I have felt a need to use this. I have something on my mind that I need feedback on. As it is not really advice I seek, but a question which needs answers I don't really feel the advice lines are an appropriate place for this. As I wouldn't know what answers to fill in for people to vote on, I can't really make it a poll.So, here I am using my blog. I hope you guys can bare with me and give me some insight as to why this occurs.
I am in a very pensive mood today. Thinking about human nature and the way things work out. My question is...Why is it that some people are good enough to have a sexual relationship with but not good enough to be anything other than that? Why is it that someone you have a great connection with, in and out of bed,tells you no one else has ever made them feel this good sexually, have never met anyone else they have had such a strong sexual compatibility with, Makes them laugh, Brightens their day with their personality and honesty, and even loves the same music, books, movies, etc. with, but not be good enough for anything other than slacking your lust with?This does not apply to my life today, but did once long ago. I am happy with my life, and glad now that I wasn't good enough for him. But I am now just wondering what makes this happen. This is not just for men, as women do it also.It kinda makes me think of garth brooks song, unanswered Sometimes I think back on that and wonder, what my life would be like now, if he had chosen differently. While at the time we seemed greatly compatible, in the reality of hindsight, we were really only sexually compatible. He was a lovely dream I had one night. He was good looking looking, made my insides melt with his touch, kissed me perfectly, made me laugh, and was a really very selfish guy, that in the long run would have made me miserable. While his cock was a perfect fit for me,since he only ever used it to get himself off,it didn't do me much good...lmao.When the cracks start showing through the rose colored glasses we wear in our life, we sometimes find that the color wasn't in need on them after all.So, give me your opinions on this, give me your not so knight in shining armor stories,you're, you should have left them sleeping beauty horrors. Make me laugh a little today, as I hope I've made you.

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5/16/2006 8:22 am

It might simply be that some people don't equate sex with love, men or women. Depending on how old this lost love was, he may not have been looking for "love" at the time he told you those wonderful things. Everyone has friends that they can confide in, that makes them laugh and so forth, but it doesn't mean that they want to get married or anything. As long as you are happy now, that is the important thing. While it is good to wonder about the past, to wonder what your life might have been, it is very important to remember where you are now, and who you are with, because if you married them, then they are the one you love now.

alchemistz9 56M

6/3/2006 2:26 am

Hi honey,
Great post. Great questions. And you've answered them yourself.... sexually compatible, really selfish guy...glad in hindsight.

I think it's like a holiday romance - fast, fun, furious, intense in activity and feeling, but it is a romance, an escape from the everyday reality, or the suspension of it and underneath it lies the knowledge that it will probably burn out and if it's prolonged, then the cracks appear pretty fast.

The other possibility is being used by someone who thinks you're only good enough fro having sex, not good enough to be a g/f or b/f, but that's not the sense I'm picking up here

Love the pics on your blog!

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