Summer at the Lake  

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6/29/2006 1:05 pm
Summer at the Lake

It was a dark night, no moon light to assist her on her way. She was walking along the path, trying to grope her way to the cabin. She could see the lights in the distance and knew she was getting closer. She could here him behind her. She started running faster. She reached the cabin, and veered off to the right. Making her way towards the lake instead to throw him off her scent.
As she approached the lake’s edge she starting stripping. As each piece of her clothing hit the earth, she got more excited. She could hear him in the cabin looking for her. She laughed to herself, thinking he would find her soon. She touched her toe to the water in the lake, it felt good. She was ready now, she knew he would hear the water as she went in. She ran through the shallow part, to dive into the water. The water felt sooo warm and delicious sliding over her skin. As she came up for air, she looked to see if he was coming. She couldn't’t see a glimpse of him anywhere. She was starting to think he had given up on finding her. She started to swim back to the water’s edge, when he pulled her under. He took her breath away. She came up laughing, and kissed his chin. Licking her way to his lips. She could feel how much he wanted her. Feel his throbbing member against her belly, as he pulled her tight to him.
They played a little while first, sliding their hands over each other. Lips following. He looked deep into her eyes and bent his head to her lips. As his lips touched her, softly, slowly, making her whimper with need. He plunged his tongue inside her hot mouth, and his finger inside her moist, hot, pussy. She moaned out his name as he started moving inside her. It felt so good to be his, to feel him pushing her to her limits, and holding her captive to her his will. She came hard and fast, sucking his tongue deep inside her mouth, as her orgasm over took her. He wasn’t finished with her yet. He swam up near the shore, his arms a tight band around her stomach. As he laid her back, she went for his cock, wanting to feel the silkiness of it in her hands. He moved away, he wasn’t ready for her hands to be there yet. He wanted more from her, and knew just how to get it. He kissed his way to her tender, swollen, throbbing lips. He bent his head to taste her, to lick the juices he had cause to slide down her legs. To taste the nectar that was better to him, than the sweetest honey. He licked her lips, making her moan softly. Then sucked her clit into his mouth, holding it captive to his demands. Running his tongue over and over her clit, making her hips rock, faster and faster. As her need to cum became more and more urgent. Her fingers were locked in his hair, pulling him into her more and screaming for him to stop too. With a final little flick of his tongue, he got what he wanted, his mouth flooded with her juices and he drank her up.
He pulled her up and they went and rested on the beach. He was holding her and letting her get ready for the next step, it was her move to make. And she knew it, she was ready. She retrieved a bottle of honey she had put beside a log earlier that day in anticipation of tonight’s adventure. She laid him down, and slowly squeezed the honey on his belly and in a line down to his hard throbbing cock. She puts her hands on him and begins to rub the honey in. He is so excited by what her hands are doing he tries to push her head down, but she won’t let him. She wants the pleasure to last. Her head moves and he feels her tongue on his stomached. He feels the heat from her tongue as it trails down his body. As she reaches his cock, her tongue tastes the tip, and his breath is gone. She slowly starts to move her tongue up and down his shaft, teasing him and making precum glisten on his cock head. She can’t take anymore, she takes his cock into her mouth. She needs to feel him in her deep, she sucks hard and fast, rubbing his balls, and sucking his cock. He is being driven wild, he feels his orgasm building, and his balls start to tighten. His need is overwhelming. Her starts thrusting his hips in time to her mouth stroking his cock. He holds her head with his hand and takes one deep plunge and fills her throat with his hot, salty cum.She drinks every last drop of him, lapping at his cock as if she is dying from thrust and he is the only water source. They lay a while, just touching and kissing. Softly playing with each other and building their desire for each other again. They move onto the grass, he comes over her and enters her in one deep thrust. She needs him and he knows what makes her happy, knows what it takes to make her reach that place. He knows her body, as well as he does his own. He is her drug, and she is his addict.
All pretenses are stripped away, there is nothing left but their need for each other. They take and give, filling and holding, they take each other over the edge, again and again, until they are both spent, and they fall asleep, and await the dawn. When they will be ready again.

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