Masked Ball  

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7/29/2006 9:17 am
Masked Ball

It was Halloween night. My husband and I were going to a friend’s party. The theme was a masked ball. No one was supposed to know who anyone else was, until the stroke of midnight, when our masks would all come off. I was really looking forward to it. I needed some excitement in my dull everyday life. I had become very bored with the routine of my life. Anything out of the ordinary would have excited me.
I had decided to spice things up a little this Halloween. The costume I had chosen to wear was a naughty witch. It was black and violet purple. The very short skirt was black and hung loosely around my hips. The top was backless, halter style, and tied at my neck. Hung down just above my navel, exposing my belly ring, and was made completely out of lace. I was wearing black thigh highs and suede purple high heels. With a cute witches hat which drew attention to my long wavy, flowing hair. My mask was jeweled and gypsy’s style, covering only half of my face, leaving my lips exposed. I topped off my sexy witch costume with an iris purple cloak. My husband decided to go with a classic werewolf. But he changed it a little, he wore jeans with hair coming out of the bottom over his sneakers and hair coming out of his shirt, with hairy claw gloves on and instead of a mask he painted his face, and wore a long shaggy brown wig. “All the better to eat you with”, my husband told me as we left the house.
The party was already in full swing when we arrived. We got drinks and started to mingle. I was getting a little bored after a while. I finished my drink quickly and went to get another one. I don’t really drink that much, so these go to my head quickly. As I’m feeling relaxed and comfortable I decide to go dance. As I was getting into it and my hips were gyrating to the music, I looked over and saw my husband standing with some guys talking and watching me. So, I decided to be a little naughty and play with him some. First I started to grind my hips, slowly, than faster in the rhythm he favored most when I rode him. Then I pretend to drop something. I noticed that he never took his eyes off me as I bent over to retrieve what I had dropped. Giving him a nice view of my pantyless, swollen, glistening pussy. I made sure my legs were wide so he could see how much I wanted it right then.
I saw his hand move to his crotch and I got really excited. I needed him now, so I nodded my head for him to follow and went for the nearest bathroom. I walked in and a few minutes later he followed. Locking the door behind him as he entered. “God baby, I need you now”, I tell him.
He put his finger to his lips and motioned for me not to talk. He dropped to his knees in front of me, raised my skirt up and began kissing my very moist nether region. He had never done this before and it excited me. As I felt his tongue taste me, I started to go crazy. As he made his tongue dance across my clit to the rhythm my hips made as I bucked into his face, my knees went weak and I thought I might fall as my orgasm took me and I screamed out in my release. But his hands held me up, while he drank all of my juice.
Then he started to kiss his way up my body until he reached my breasts. He licked my nipples through the lace covering them, until I began to moan. Then he lifted my shirt and as his hand covered one of my breasts, his mouth devoured the other. I was so turned on by him. I don’t ever remember wanting him more than I did right now.
He understood what I needed and pushed me up against the wall. He unbuttoned his jeans and freed his cock, I whimpered for it. He held my legs up and in one glorious thrust he was inside me. He felt so big; my pussy was squeezing his cock, like it was in a vice. And then he started moving in and out, slowly, deeply making me feel every inch of his cock, to his balls. And he put his lips to mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. As his cock was plowing me mercilessly and I was sucking on his tongue, it suddenly hit me. This was not my husband.
As this revelation dawned on me, he was making every nerve in my body dance to his tune. I tried to pull away and say something but he wasn’t having it. And as his cock pumped into me, he deepened his kiss and I no longer cared, because I was being taken away, carried, by the best orgasm of my life. And as the pleasure took me, I felt it take him, and we cried out together as the madness descended on us. Afterward, his cock still buried deep in my pussy, I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I asked him who he was. He replied, “Your friendly neighborhood werewolf.” He kissed me again, pulled out of me, buttoned up and left. After I cleaned up and pulled myself together. I went back to the party and found my husband. I looked for him as the clock struck 12:00 and the masks came off. But he was gone. I still think about the night I got bite by a werewolf and wait in great anticipation for the next full moon.

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