which should we do?  

honeycomb1974 44M/42F
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5/11/2006 12:38 pm

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5/12/2006 4:50 pm

which should we do?

Ok I have seen several couples on here who blog so I was wondering if you could help with some ideas on how to handle this. I have had times when some people didn't realize weather it is me or runt posting on some blogs, so I was wondering how do you feel about a couple having more than one profile on here, one for her and one for him? The reason it is so hard for us is we only play together so even though we would have different profiles we wouldn't want to give people the impression that we play with out each other. So how is the best way to handle this? What other suggestion do you have to make it easier for us to blog and let others know who we are? Even though we are married we do have different ideas about some things and both want to be able to express our self. Oh by the way we do sign it but some people don't know us by our names so that doesn't help any. I hope we can find a way to work this out. Let us know if you have any ideas.

1girlrevolution 46F

5/11/2006 12:56 pm

Along with signing, post a photo next to your blog. That will help and gives a good visual.


honeycomb1974 replies on 5/11/2006 5:41 pm:
Thanks for commenting, I think sometimes people just skim over it and see my pic and think that the comment is coming from me instead of my husband.

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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5/11/2006 1:16 pm

I think signing is a good thing. Somehow I can't see anyone mistaking your husband for "honey". Or am I starting to have an effect on him? LOL Shortdogg

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/11/2006 5:44 pm:
Oh come on now, you know him better than that. I call him honey! Honey do this, honey do that!

wickedeasy 66F  
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5/11/2006 4:24 pm

thinks the tushie shots could point the direction

or maybe just sign he or she - and if folks are still confused, then i doubt you can impact them - grins

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/11/2006 5:47 pm:
Hi, thanks that may work, but as far as it impacting them some of them are guys, and we have already talked about how guys are!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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5/12/2006 4:55 am

I know this seems pretty simple, but the few times that Sail put up a post, he just signed his name Sail at the end or referred to me somehow in the post.

Good to see more couples blogging!

Purry {=}


rm_skyeone2 64M/45F
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5/12/2006 8:15 am

Just thought I'd let you know that my other half and I both have seperate couples profiles. This is the female half and the male half comes in as swallow_22us. We have found that for ourselves it makes things much easier, even if our viewpoints on a lot (most) of things is identical. With the seperate profiles no one can get confused about who is doing the typing. We started with just the swallow handle in chat, but soon discovered that people were constantly getting confused, so I created this profile to reduce and finally eliminate that problem.

Blessed Be

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