What can we play with?  

honeycomb1974 44M/42F
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5/12/2006 8:35 pm

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5/23/2006 1:45 pm

What can we play with?

So I have heard a lot of talk lately about food and sex. I have played with a few of my favorite foods, but only when I have planned on it. What I want to know is, if I were to come over to your house right now, this very minute, and wanted to have sex with you using food what would I find in your fridge to play with? I wonder how many of you have my favorite food in your fridge, or would I have to go shopping before we could play?

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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5/12/2006 9:19 pm

I'm not a foods kind of guy. I'd rather pleasure you with various parts of my body. Shortdogg

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/13/2006 7:32 am:
Oh, I seem to remember some chocolate syrup you brought one time, and you know how I love chocolate!

89lookingnj 45F

5/12/2006 10:11 pm

I have cherry tomatoes..... chocolate syrup.... hmm, what else? I'm really going to look... hot dogs, baby carrots,
I'm getting hungry.

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/13/2006 7:34 am:
I think we can find a way to use the hot dogs and chocolate syrup now I'll have to think of what to do with the cherry tomatoes.

TickleMeBBW 36F

5/12/2006 10:58 pm

My fridge is bare, but the freezer is full of long thick icicles, wonder what we do with those

Kisses and licks, Tickles

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/13/2006 7:37 am:
Um, I love to use ice to make my nipples so hard and then have a nice warm mouth to warm them back up. Do you think you would like to try that?

RUNT1972 44M/42F
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5/22/2006 7:39 pm

I don't know sweet heart did you buy groceries yet. love ya! Runt

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/23/2006 7:04 am:
I bought some bananas if I can keep the kids out of them until you are off of work. Love you too. Honey

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