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4/8/2006 7:36 am

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I'm so tired of hearing alot of people say that if you are married' and you have sex with some one other than you spouse you are cheating. My husband and I are both on here we do this together. We look at every thing together and we usually post on here together. So how is it cheating when we do it together? To us it is just one more hobby we share together. We only consider it cheating if you do it behind each others back or if you are lying about it. Besides it is just sex, not love we have found our love we just like to have sex.

Looking0100 54M

4/9/2006 5:03 pm

I totally agree with you. I believe that couples should be upfront about their affairs.

What couples do TOGETHER is no one else's business. If both people in a couple want to share themselves with others, and they let their partners know, and their partners do not mind, then I say go for it.

This means more sex and more diversity. No two people are quite the same. So, you will learn from new sexual partners.

I only say that you need to be upfront with your partner. And he or she needs to accept it.

True love can come in many forms, including such as you mentioned. Couples looking for other people for sex only is fine with me.

unlimitedsexmale 40M

4/21/2006 3:31 am

I want to share my wife when I am married.

I am a single guy and looking for a woman who is unlimited at sex and open for groupsex and swinger life style. And if we like eachother I would like to marry her.
I don't have any taboos and i tried foursome with my ex-girlfirend 2 years ago. When the opposite man was fucking my ex-gf i felt really excited. In double penetration, her pleasure screams turned me crazy. She liked double penetration very much.
What do you think if somebody screws your both holes? Are you agree with me?
If you are a single and marriage minded woman please keep in touch. We might make our dreams cum true.

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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4/30/2006 9:24 am

for us, cheating could only be sneaking around .... if approved and known , it doesnt even meet the deffinition of cheating.

unlimitted .. great attitude. we do a lot of 3somes, that's our style, and believe the ultimate love is to see that the one you love is pleased ..

we give "treats" to each other ...currently it's mfm ... an extra male for me ..... we yak a lot about it on our blog, (well, along with my silly squirting) cause it's our "hobby" .. i like the way you said that.


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