Damn that turned me on !  

honeycomb1974 44M/42F
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5/5/2006 12:16 pm

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5/17/2006 11:58 am

Damn that turned me on !

I was up town yesterday and I show this gorgeous woman walking around in her yard. She was wearing a little string bikini with lots of cleavage and the shortest cut of shorts I have ever seen. You know the ones I am talking about, where the jeans are old and ragged and the little strings are hanging down drawing your eyes to her nice ass followed by the best pair of legs I have ever seen. I have to admit guys long tan legs just kill me. It got me so hot! I'm so glad it is summer all those tan beautiful bodies and those little summer outfits. So guys what do you like to see on beautiful girl? Girls what is your favorite summer outfit? Honey

rm_skyeone2 64M/45F
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5/6/2006 5:35 am

My favorite summer outfit has got to be my birthday suit!! I just love walking around, outdoors as well as indoors, in the nude!


Blessed Be

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/9/2006 6:31 am:
my husband and I are the same way, we usually go with out clothes when we are around the house, even out doors. All of our friends and family know to honk the horn before you come up our you might get an eye full, not that we really care, but it does embarrass my dad! Honey

rm_gorilla062 49M
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5/10/2006 6:52 am

Oh yeah! I like seeing the ladies in summer clothes... short skirts, tight tops! Saw a little hootie going into the bank yesterday... she had on tight black pants and a tight white short sleeved shirt that just hugged those big tits!! Lost track of the conversation I was having!

honeycomb1974 replies on 5/11/2006 6:05 pm:
Yeah it is kinda hard to talk with your tongue hanging out of your mouth.

sparkymuttdog 44M

5/11/2006 8:11 pm

nice tan lines...lQQks like a martini glass...shaken, not stirred. Oh yea...I can bring the tanning lotion.

ihatebigheads 41M
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5/15/2006 3:04 pm

i love bums and tums so show of that midrift, a bit of cleavage, and the more tight around the bum the better or just showing a little bum cheek.
by the way your bum is fantastic!

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