The Dream  

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4/12/2006 10:25 am
The Dream

The Dream...

It was a night like any other night. I brushed my long auburn locks into gleaming autumn silk and slipped into my nightie. Curling up, kitten-like, under the down comforter, I lay there, eyes closed, thoughts swirling through my mind. Insomnia is a curse indeed, as the mists of sleep finally overtake me.

As if on cue you came to me with a whisper on the nape of my neck "Come to me Baby Love". I shivered with the warmth of it, the meaning, my skin flushing as your heat enwrapped my body. Butterfly kisses, so soft, so… tantalizing over my neck, leaving tiny embers in their decent. With exquisite slowness, ever downward, you blow the long dormant coals to life. My body piquing in your tutelage, as your lips taste the warm and salt at the curve of my shoulder drawing my breath as your own as my skin begins to sing your chorus, my back in elegant arch, breath catching in heated sighs.

Your strong hands turn me over, stroking, kneading hungrily my pliant flesh. Breathing in the scent of me, your teeth graze my flesh. Soft gasps escape my throat as your impassioned side emerges, and your teeth become voracious; pain mixing in to feed pleasure as if you will consume me, our moans thickening the humid darkness.

My hands begin to trace your skin, feeling your flesh with my own, my nails raking softly, bringing your skin to life as I pull you towards my moistened lips. “Kiss Me,” I breathe in a fevered whisper. As your lips meet mine I am lost…Lost within your kiss, our fiery tongues indulging in the craving to feel, the blood pulsing a fevered pitch through our veins…sinking into the dark velvet of your mouth, I shudder in an erotic vertigo of pleasure.

Your mouth moves lower, tracing my jaw with your tongue, landing delicate kisses in the hollow of my throat, hard and soft, rough and gentle your lips like a concert flutist hitting all the right notes. Insatiable your mouth continues its descent, my husky moans of pleasure fraying the last threads of your determination to go slow. As your lips reach my nipples, for a moment you can only stare at the perfection you are about to devour. The tips hard, pink, the perfect mounds rising and falling sharply with my rapid breaths. Watching closely your tongue descends licking the delicate bud experimentally as your feel the muscles of my stomach clench my hips bucking sharply. As you begin to suckle the engorged nipple I moan out your name, it feels as if you’re drowning in it. “God Help Me”, you think to yourself, barely able to breathe for it.

As your hand nears the humid heat emanating from between ivory thighs your tongue licks the unattended nipple in slow circular strokes, your eyes never leaving mine, your face a portrait of sensuality, your eyes dark, hungry, intent.Your fingers slip into my slick damp honey as I whisper your name beseechingly, your fingers moving slowly to encircle my swollen center.

As I arch in your arms I hear my involuntary whimper issue from my throat.I am unable to halt my body’s response to your assault, pleading for more, desperate to quell the fire. As your lips move to my stomach, licking, nipping, sweet nectar drips from between my thighs. Your hands arch me to you as your tongue catches each glistening drop, swiping through my dripping honeycomb, one lick at a time. "Let go for me, Baby Love…”Your hands pull me tight against you, pressing, insistent… demanding I surrender..

There are no thoughts present, only feelings, my skin flushed, screaming its need with each goose bump raised by your strong hands; as you milk me of every drop of desire. My wanton sighs excite you, driving you towards your ultimate goal.

As I try to voice my need, my mind fails, for all I can manage is a breathless “Ohhhhh God”, my body writhing, my hands stroking your flesh in silent plea for what only you can give me. As your hands pin mine above my head you raise up over me, thrumming masculine, your eyes liquid flame, throbbing in all your male glory. As you growl I feel your manhood touch the center of my need…teasing, before the plunge. My body shudders in pleasure so close to agony that it's almost a relief to feel it pass, as you thrust deep…hard, impaling me on your flesh.

Suddenly you withdraw as I whimper pleading for you to enter me once more. You turn me over, grasping my full hips, pulling them back towards you, entering me slowly as I gasp, trembling with need. One palm is resting on the small of my back, the other on my hip, possessively. My pulse is thrumming frantically with the feeling of being under your control and with each deep thrust I beg for more. This is how it continues, flesh-to-flesh, pulse-to-pulse thrusting through the dark, forging flame from spark. For we are kindred spirits, as velvet meets steel, our mingled breath and fevered whispers of love floating through the air around as desire flows from every pore. Nothing else exists for you and I, as we lose ourselves in this alchemy of love once more…

Author Unknown to Me but love it all the same

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