Your cheatin heart will tell on you  

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Your cheatin heart will tell on you

I have talked a little about my half brother and his step father, but here is a deep dark secret with a moral lesson for all.
Billy's step father went about having an affair with one of the local married woman. Apparently her son and Bills other half brother were friends and the families were closely connected. Well he wasn't so good at keeping secrets and her husband found out.
One day while the 2 boys are playing, he comes home with a gun. The next thing you know there are 2 funerals and 2 orphans. Jake was morally obligated to adopt the children, but the reason for the tragedy remained a secret from them to this day.
If you ask me, am I a swinger? Absolutely positively not! Do I play with married women? Go get your paper work finalized and then we can talk, but not a moment sooner. Do I cheat? I will dump you like a hot rock, but I will never cheat on you.

Your cheatin' heart will make you weep,
You'll cry and cry and try to sleep.
But sleep won't come the whole night through,
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you.

When tears come down like fallin' rain.
You'll toss around and call my name.
You'll walk the floor the way I do,
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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