Whiskey Slough  

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Whiskey Slough

As you leave the East Bay on interstate 580 you pass through an intermediate valley called the tri valley that includes Dublin, its correctional facility, Pleasanton with its historic downtown and fair grounds. My favorite was Livermore, hidden in the back beyond the vineyards was lake Del Valle and mines road up to Mt Hamilton. For todays adventure we travel beyond all that over the Altamont Pass with all the power generating windmills to the once farming town of Tracy.
Tracy was once a sleepy little town occupied by migrant workers for the surrounding fields. The boom for housing in Silicon Valley has spread as far as Tracy 60 miles away. The main boulevard leading into town is of course called Tracy Boulevard. When exiting the freeway, instead of turning into town turn out towards the river delta, were on an adventure. We travel past the first river to the very end of Tracy Boulevard where it ends at Bacon Island. Now just a quick right and down a mile, a quick left off the levee, under the Hetch Hetchy water supply pipe to a little boating resort called Whiskey Slough. Hope no terrorist read my blog, that exposed section of pipe is the life blood of the Bay Area water supply.
My brother and I rented a 14 foot aluminum hull fishing boat and patroled the slough for catfish and stripped bass. Ended up spending more time at Turner Cut, and Tiki Lagoon drinking beer. We got this crazy idea that we could cross the main San Joaquin Sacramento River in an aluminum fishing boat and a 25 horse power motor. It's over a mile across and the current is about 12 miles an hour.
It's one of the stupidest things I've done in my life. Not only did we make it, we made it back but learned you end up alot further down the river. I have lived life. We explored up to Grand Island and found a hidden resort only accessible by boat. That poor little fishing boat had its motor running from sun up to sun down. We were on a constant search for fuel and adventure. When night came we slept out on the delta and ate catfish from a hibachi til I can't stand catfish anymore.
Well the next day we make up some story about getting lost out on the delta when we returned the boat. They only made us pay for 2 days, we put about 2 months use on that little boat.
The lakes in Washington are not the same as a delta. In a Delta you can get lost, a lake is just a big bathtub where we sit and stare at one another.
One last word about these islands of muck we would travel past in the delta. There is more proteinaceous material acre per acre in these tidal swamps than a Kansas wheat field. All it takes is for salt water to encroach one time and an entire ecosystem could collapse and this beautiful delta could turn into a sewer overnite. Drought afflicted metropolitan areas and commercial farming interests need to learn to bridal their never ending thirst for water.

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