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Virginia Slim

I was friends with her ex and continued to be friends after they separated. Well we were friends for many years and I secretly had a thing for Virginia. She wasn't a very pretty girl, but she had a face that was very expressive and she was compassionate and nurturing. Altough growing up on welfare caused her two daughters to lack many of the finer things, there was no lack of love and she groomed and preened them well.
It was a game of mine to come over on friday which was her house cleaning day and friends were not to come over. I could get away with it because I would pitch in and help. Yeah, help myself check her action out, she would just move and shake and dust all over the place. She never knew exactly how much I was getting off on just being near her. It's generally that way with all women, God I love women. Anyhow one day she gets the idea to take things one step further. I was reluctant with the responsibility of raising 2 girls and didn't feel she would trust me with so great a task I was insecure at that stage in my life and just wasn't up to the job.
Well she called one night and said the girls were out for the evening which was rare and would I like to come over. I suggested we go out instead, and 3 or 4 drinks later the subject of a good servicing came up. Fifteen minutes later I'm back at her apt watching a lingerie show. I didn't want to fell obligated for reasons stated earlier, so she received a thorough and inspired servicing only. Now this is before I got real good at it, but I tried real hard and I'm sure she enjoyed herself. Later she really wanted to keep things going, but when she saw I was paralyzed she moved on to some guy I vaguely knew from high school.
The first thing she did was complain about having been infected with something. About a year later she was diagnosed with cancer of unknown origin, which had metasticised throughout her body. After about a year of chemo she withered and died at about 70 pounds. I saw her a few days before her death and told her I loved her.
I should have gone for it.

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