Tina and the Nature Boy  

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Tina and the Nature Boy

She walked into the room her hand upon her hip. She said look out boy I'll make your back bone slip. She looked straight at me the Devil in her eye. I knew what I was getting, but it took me by surprise. No fooling, she really knocked the stuffing out of me.
Tina is one of Jennifers uhm lady friends. When Jennifer and I broke up I continued to maintain a friendship with one of the girls. Now at that time Tina was suffering the exquisite little inconvenience of being incarcerated. Off a disposed piece of scrap paper I found her prison address and that stupid number thing, then corresponded.
It turned out to be exactly the right thing to do, Tina is fiercely loyal and we are great friends. Tina came from the south and has a very flamboyant and boisterous personality at 5'11" 210lbs and built like a battle cruiser. When she was younger she would travel with a professional wrestling group, and would tell me stories about some of the performers. She talked so badly about the Nature Boy that I have the impression there was something between them.
Now I want you to know that we were just friends despite the enormous magnets mounted on her chest. Somehow we got stuck in the friends rut. One day one of her little lezzie friends couldn't contain her disdain for men and disrespected me. Tina would have none of that and grabbed her by the ear, and made her apologize. My balls were brass and heavy for a week, I told you she was fiercely loyal.
Tina's most redeeming feature was her ability to body slam me. I,m not kidding, she could pick me up, turn me on my back and throw me on the couch. I should mention that we lived together, when she got out of prison she had no place to go, and I had an extra room anyhow, so you know. At no time was our relationship sexual but what a personality, I don't know.
Well before I got a chance to come to grips with it all, she caught a case and was violated and would have to go back to the bad girl place. You know the usual stuff bad girls going wild. In the mean time I moved to Washington and her Parole didn't allow her to leave California. I called a few times over to her girl friends house and invited them up but lost contact before we could hook up. I was so looking forward to getting into a good bar fight with her.

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