There was a man  

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There was a man

He came from my home town, didn't have much money he was always down. Johnny Starr that was his name, in a few short years he's gonna rise to fame. When he was young he had to steal to eat. A shake down bed he'd share to sleep. Late at night his papa come home drunk, shouted at his mom , called him a punk. He's a Razor King

Growing up there were two boys my age living across the street, their names were Jimmy and Troy. We would always say that those 2 would end up in the state pen. We would say it jokingly but it was destined to be tragically true. Their mother was a very attractive lady and packed a very nice pair. Their father was separated but always was at least very good in helping financially. We used to think that his absence from the house was the reason his kids were so rambunctious. (It's an Oklahoma word meaning Shit stir) Troy was the kinda kid that would come up and hit you upside the head fully well knowing he was gonna get his mule kicked, just so you would notice him. Now dad he was kind of an oily looking character you would automatically think was a mean spirited person but he was ok. (looks just like the character in Deadwood)One night there was a minor incident where one of the boys called from jail to my house and I went across the street so his mom could come and answer. There she was in Black, I don't know what you call it, but there was a lot of lace and she was spilling out of the thing, oh and did I mention sloppy drunk and flirtatious. I resisted the temptation to cop a feel and helped her into the house. Well no sooner did she go to take the call than she passes out on my bed. Well I calm her son down and call the paramedics, and he tells me over the phone her medications. One of the was Haldol/Haloperidol, it meant nothing to me at the time but it explains a whole lot now. Those poor kids were raised by an unstable person and didn't have the proper chance in life. They probably are in the state penitentiary and I can't blame dad. schizophrenics/alcoholics (I know from experience)are stone cold rage monsters can't blame dad for cutting out. Even though they were little devils my family would involve them in many activities, but less and less as they grew older. So what am I looking to do and learn from this?

Years went by he'd grown up fast, didn't act all that cool, didn't want to be last. Became him the leader of a local gang. Singing as he worked this is the song he sang. I'm a Razor King, my weapons will be sharp, I'll get you in the dark.

Some years later his reputaion spread, a man with no fear so it was said. Leader of a gang now 2000 strong Johnny didn't realize he was doin wrong. Then came the night he was to lose his crown marching down main street he's goin way down. Weapons a flashing gleen in his eye Johnny didn't realize that he was gonna die.
Pattison 1979
What is the lesson to this little tale?
Tomorrow: Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys, and all that bull.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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