The hero and high heels  

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The hero and high heels

The time is oct 31st 1976. The place is Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco. The event is a political speach by James Earl Carter, and Jerry Brown. The presidential election is just days away and Jimmy has spent quite a bit of time in the Bay Area including Quail Court the restaurant where I worked in Walnut Creek. I don't remember what the issues of the day were, the war was over there were no more issues. I liked Jimmy. I find him to be a straight talking sincere man, who is at once a great intellectual and a humble man. They don't let a moron command a nuclear submarine, not even close.
Looking back in retrospect many of his ideas were fantastical and others naive, none of his policies down right offended me like whats going on today. He tried to lead us on a path of energy independence but was snubbed by the nay saying conservative elite. Look where we are today, running around the world like a bully trying to protect our far flung oil buddies, who are in reality nothing but a bunch of despots.
The big saving grace that everyone hopes on is E85 ethanol. Well I got bad news folks, we can't grow enough corn to make enough ethanol to do the trick, unless you wanna give up a meal or two. Now this is just me on the stump, but if ethanol can only supply 25% of our energy need reasonably, and it is made from crops subsidized by your tax dollars coming out of your pocket. How do you feel about Rodney Rich Pig cruising around in his armored land yacht using the fuel of 4 rice a matic econo cars. I think we need to place restrictions on who can use OUR ethanol. We pay to grow it.
You watch what happens, only the top end cars will have the dual fuel capability. Cadillac will probably be the first. Write your congressman and tell him, only high efficiency vehicles should be allowed to dig into my wallet to keep running. That 25% could be stretched out into 50% of our energy needs if we would just use conservatively. Not like a conservative, the only thing conservative means is I wanna conserve my rich pig resource sucking lifestyle.
After the rally was over we went over to the Concord Pavillion for a Tubes concert. This was back in the day when they were parading around their big hit anthem White Punks On Dope and Don't Touch Me There. We got there to the craziest scene, the concert had sold out and we could not get in so we watched and watched. What a menagerie, it was Halloween night and the ladies were out in costume. The operating principle being less is more. Phallic symbols seemed to be the order of the day, with giant dragon floats that shot silly string out the end to a flasher with an over sized dildo that rose whenever he opened his coat. I had to sit there and watch that circus go into what was probably one of the greatest concerts of all time. Unless you could see it you just wouldn't believe it, girls were going in there wearing what I could conceal in the palm of my hand or less.
After that night of costumed revelry I found a friend coming out of the concert and we all caught a ride home. What a night!

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