Spiritual Healing  

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Spiritual Healing

Pogius had recently gone through his transformation and we were all curious about just how far he was gonna go with his new found faith. Now I had always considered myself a person of faith because I grew up in a house that went to church every Sunday and I knew a lot of the tales from the bible. I knew oh so little, thinking all there was to faith was salvation in the here-after.
I asked the Bear about Jewish white magic. Well he didn't have to much to say on that subject but he went into spiritual healing. Now when I say spiritual healing I mean both to make the blind to see, and to make the broken hearted joyous. This was something new, do you mean I can get something out of this in the here and now. Well hot dippity dog, I want me some of that action. Well I listened to a few tapes and got to understand the basic outline of faith healing from the Great Commissioning to the Prophesies, and precious promises of Jesus.
Here it is real quick, the Great Commissioning is Jesus final words on earth before he rises to Heaven. He tells his disciples to go out into the earth and spread the word, and to heal the sick in his name. The prophesies can be found in places like Isaiah where it is written the messiah will be the source of our healing. The precious promise of Jesus came straight from his mouth when he says I came to heal the broken hearted.
Now all this is just a lot of fancy philosophical talk until you are broken hearted, or you are sorely afflicted. I haven't even scratched the surface of this topic but want to just give you my testimony on the subject. It works, I feel great, I am never ever sick, unless I allow it to happen, and just like you I get distracted with running around in the world and allow myself to be sick. Life really is a learning process, and I need to learn to focus on what is really important in life.
There was this beautiful yellow hummingbird that flew down and struck the glass window on our patio. I went over to its still lifeless body on the rocks, I scooped him up and said a prayer and breathed onto him. Instanly he snapped out of my hand and circled my head 3 times then stopped eye to eye with me for a moment, and flew off. Yeah he was probably just stunned. At a faith healing alter call with Oral Roberts this spasamataz comes rolling down in a wheelchair drooling, comes marching back with a swagger. Probably just a paid actor. Lady with a growth of hideous proportions on her neck. That growth ran away from his hand, it couldn't even stand to be touched by the force of righteousness. Right there in front of my eyes and I am only about 10 rows back.
God is a great poker player, he never tips his hand. For you see for him to betray his reality would be to deny us the ability to learn to use the force of faith, we would simply know the reality of God and his might. Simply put if you're expecting a miracle you will see a miracle and if your expecting nothing, then nothing is what you will get. That lady with the growth, it could have been a latex appliance from a Hollywood movie yeah. I choose to believe otherwise. Your Honest John

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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