Over the Rainbow  

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Over the Rainbow

It was 3 hours before a reserved seating concert at the Berkeley community Theatre and the only person waiting outside was Jeff Flake in her bright red over coat and John Lennon sun glasses. she was quite the image. Now Jeff was a rather attractive girl with long straight red hair. Her real name was Celeste. We talked alot waiting for the show and exchanged personal contact info.
In the weeks that followed the show, I went out to the Haight Ashbury where she lived just a block from the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Jeff was a bit of a classic hippy and fit right into the Haight. I would bring over something to smoke or we would drop some whatever it is they drop in the Haight Ashbury and we would talk for hours. Well we did that a few times before we got down to business. Now I never suspected it from the baggy clothes she wore, but she was actually very attractive, with her red hair and very shapely breasts, with pale white skin, just never put any effort into it.
One day she is in a very somber mood and tells me that she had been assaulted. The door to her studio was in a narrow causeway between the buildings and left ample opportunity for attack. I was speechless and really didn't know how to respond to this news, but could see that she was changed. At that time I felt guilty for being a man and don't think there was an exactly right thing to say. I said my good byes and didn't return for several weeks as I lived 40 miles away. When I returned a new tenant had moved in and I never saw Jeff again. I was barely seventeen years old so she was the wrong girl at the wrong time, but her no make up and out the door in 60 second style made her a mans dream. I wonder what ever happened to her, maybe she went back to New York.

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