Like Poetry in Motion  

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Like Poetry in Motion

There is this recent teacher student sexpidemic. The latest little honey to get caught up in this is a slinky little blonde who sent her young paramour a web cam video of her stripping. Now there she is on national news slinking around getting off to the camera. I couldn't help but giggle a little and think to myself that poor girl probably thinks she is sexy. The same can be said of a lot of girls who swing around a brass pole. Well let me set the record straight, I've seen the best, and she is like poetry in motion.
Strip clubs have become a phenomenon around the country and many communities have at least one. Long before this though there was burlesque which is more mammary oriented. There are many clubs in sin city but just one that still specializes in burlesque. The starlet of the evening went by the nom de guerre Melissa Mounds, and she was oh so aptly named. From the moment she came skipping on stage, the fluidity of her motion caused every part of her body to be in harmonic synchronicity with every other part. If she moved even slightly slower or faster the whole thing would have fallen apart and tits would have flown everywhere. Oh you think thats all there is to it, well there is more.
I like it when they use props, big props, but a swimming pool, now I've seen everything. Well she had herself a little bubble bath, and with a scrub a dub here and a scub a dub there she hands me the brush. Probably wanted her pussy rubbed but got a swat on the ass instead. Under the intense colored lights the water came up in an fine mist and settled upon her body forming little rivlets. I can remember each and every one.
It was the last show of the night so I went back stage and met Melissa. Warm and beautiful girl, exactly what you would expect. After that I don't think there is anything you can do on a web cam that could be as artful, but your welcome to try.

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