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5/17/2006 11:12 am

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Johnny on a secret mission

As you travel south from the Bay Area on Hwy 101 also known as the El Camino Real you will encounter an old Spanish mission about once every 40 miles, or one days ride. The El Camino Real roughly translates to mean the Kings highway. It was the original navigation path through the state from north to south. Many of the missions to this day are close to the modern highway, but today I decide to go off the beaten path.
The missions are just a site seeing diversion. I am going to visit my friend Mark in prison. Mark had just completed a 4 year stint in the Navy before returning to Hayward and resuming his life with his new wife Daisy. He met Daisy while serving in the pacific. They had a daughter named Tori and another on the way. One day while visiting Mark we decide to slip out to his car and partake a litte herbal remedy.
Daisy walked up on Marks blind side and reached into the car and begins the most childish display of shrieking and hair pulling I have ever seen in my life. This girl was hysterical.
Now all this would be a lot of domestic nothing if it were not for one fact. About a week later their baby had been beaten to death. Being 22 years old at the time I had no experience in these matters so I didn't know what to tell Mark when he said he wanted to protect his wife, or when he said they offered him a five year plea agreement. Knowing what I now know I would have told him to turn states evidence against his psycopathic wife.
Now that little incident cleary illustrated in my mind that Daisy was not a stable person. Keep in mind Mark lived with my family over a year so I know him well. I have never ever seen Mark angry, but I have seen him spend the next 20 years in prison with no hope of getting out. The state had granted immunity to Daisy to testify and she testified that she hit the baby. Prosecution turned that around and convicted Mark of conspiracy after the fact for protecting his wife and not turning states evidence. You can't win against the state, they will use pretzel logic on you everytime. Get used to it, it's illegal to breath. now I am on my way to California State Mens Colony San Luis Obispo. It is only a five hour drive from the Bay Area so I have time for a little site seeing.
As the Highway nears King City there is a turn off to the Fort Hunter Liggett military base. It is a substantial deviation off the highway but well worth the effort for hidden inside the base is a well preserved Spanish mission. There are many signifigant points of interest but mine was the milling house that was powered by an aquaduct that brought water into that dry area from God only knows where. The water would drive a wheel on the upper floor of the mill house and spill out the 2nd floor to the ground and wash down into an arroyo. Down on the first floor connected by a shaft was the actual milling wheel that pulverized the wheat. Another signifigant point of interest is that this was the site of the first marriage in California. I can't believe someone would choose to spend their life in this dry desolate valley.
I continued my journey to visit my friend who did not choose to live in a dry desolate place. You see that little story of miss histeria was never brought out in trial. Marks public pretender didn't think that little event was worthy of public notice. Their modus operandi is to subpoena every living person that you know so that the courtroom will be empty then call zero witnesses. Marks trail took place in an empty courtroom, no one could go in because they were subpoenaed but never called.
If a friend is ever in serious legal trouble, do not talk to their public pretender and do not even let them know of your existance. If you want to make a statement on your friends behalf just be there in the room as a show of support, that says it all.
Life in the missions was hard, they scratched out a living and set the foundation for what would later become a vast civilization. I have often wanted to return to that spot where the first couple in California began, but I don't want to be alone when I do.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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5/17/2006 3:14 pm

This is so awful , to lose a child in such a way is bad enough but then to be jailed whilst the bitch who killed your child walks free ....
How is ? .. Does he talk to you about it all ? Is there no chance of his ever being released ?
I m quite horrified by it all isn't losing a child to a psychopath punishment enough ?
ok , sorry enough with the questions .. I really don't know what to say , this is just heartbreaking ...

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