Johnny goes Vegas  

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Johnny goes Vegas

When you look at the county of Contra Costa on a map you will notice that it is basically rectangular, with the easternmost end tapered to a point. It is this small point on which we focus our attention. At this furthest most point sits a small town called Byron. In order to get to Byron you must pass through a neighboring county.
Now power hates a vacuum, and here is a vacuum. Pogie the Bear had just hit town with a pile of wreckage behind him. His marriage, his home, his restaurant, all gone. (see prior post) The only thing that Pogie had was his video game business that he plyed out in the delta areas. Now half his games were bootlegs from his chip burnin buddies. Things get deeper than that, he also had video poker machines and where better to place them than in a juke joint hidden out in some inaccessible area of the delta.
It sounds good in theory and worked out well in practice as well. Thats right Pogie talked your Johnny into doing the old gangster thing. When it came time to divide up the money, I sat with a coin counting machine and half a dozen five gallon buckets of quarters. It was hours upon hours counting quarters. I think he was drinking his profits as fast as I was rolling them. I could get in and out of a video game or pool table stop in fifteen minutes but apparently video poker had an unforseen popularity. We tried to keep our little party away from prying eyes by staying in only the most remote areas of San Joaquin, and Contra Costa counties. It worked in theory for a while but eventually the long arm of the law caught up with the whole wicked scheme. Fortunately they had no experience prosecuting this type of thing and treated it like a friendly poker games. Little did they know that tens of thousands of dollars were involved. He ended up on probation in three different counties simultaneously before they figured out he was duping all of them. Your Johnny managed to evade all Imperial entanglements and lived to talk.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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