It Breaks My Heart  

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It Breaks My Heart

I saw her walking up the path to my place of employment and she sauntered in such a sexy casual manner that I was at once enthralled. That is until I saw the expression she had on her face and that she was wandering aimlessly. I then knew she suffered from some type of cognition impairment. She wandered around with a quizical look on her face occasionally shrugging or putting a little hop into her walk it was kinda cute if it wasn't so tragic. I thought to myself this beautiful girl is in her own little world. Obviously homeless I see a bleak future for her without care.
Now I am sure she has parents that love her deeply but caring for the mentally ill is a 24 hour a day job that would tax the strongest of us. Where is the government when you need them? Spending on mental health has declined to such a point that the only way to get any kind of aid is through the criminal justice system. So often the mentally ill cannot get any kind of help until a crime has been commited.
The laws that were passed to give the mentally ill rights and protection from a primitive mental health system run amuck, now serve to restrict the rights of parents and family to help the afflicted. The whole system is breaking down. One look around the streets of any downtown show them shuffling around providing job security for local law enforcement. All to frequently they end up in some type of confrontation with people like you and I. The government can't find a happy medium between spending $80.00 a day to incarcerate them and spending $400.00 per day for fully staffed mental health facilities.
I don't have a proposal for what to do to remedy this problem other than a frank and open public debate. I just know I will have to watch this girl disintegrate on the streets, and no one can stop it unless we act proactively and fund new inventive mental health programs instead of our jails.

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