Fake Jake and the giant brain.  

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Fake Jake and the giant brain.

Growing up I had a half brother named Billy. Billy had the misfortune of having a very unsophisticated step father while at the same time he was mentally gifted. His step father Jake was from Oklahoma replete with all the mannerisms, and local colloquialisms that make Okies what they are.
Now they say that imitationis the most sincere form of flattery and we were always handy with a Jake quote for grins. Allow me to share a few with you. (you will have to add the accent yourself) Why when I was a boy I could whoop a man twice my size and twice on sunday. I'd work all day in the hot sun with nothing to drink but water from a dirty mud puddle. Get on you working duds. Bahaha, (I don't know about that last one its just an exclamation of excitement) And my all time favorite, that Johnny and Billy when they get together they get a just a little bit rambunctious.
Well as you might have gathered Jake was a simple man and resented his step son with the oversized brain. When Billy came to visit our father he would think there was the same kind of annimosity he got from his other half brother and avoided me. Well his step mom sat him down one day and set the record straight, how I was real excited to have my brother visit, and so began one of the great friendships.
Now Billy being 4 years older than me enjoyed the luxury of being the leader of the group. He had leadership qualities that went beyond age, and soon went to the United States Air Force Academy, and later to OSU for a baccalaureate in electrical engineering. The adventures we shared together spread from Vancouver to Tijuana.
As for Jake his marriage to Bills mom did not last forever, and he soon moved back to some family land in Oklahoma where his brother was squatting. To make a long story short he was shot by his brother and died, and in a classic example of good old boy croonyism nothing ever happened to his killer. Jakes friend the witness felt lucky to get out of Oklahoma alive.
I just wanted to introduce the characters today, I'll cover some of our wild adventures later. Well there is plenty of girls and plenty of sex so stay tuned.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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