Eat My Dust  

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4/22/2006 11:59 pm

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Eat My Dust

Me and my friends we've been standing on the corner, underneath the blinking city lights. When were in the mood, well do anything we want. Looks like were in the mood tonight.

There was always this intense rivalry between Chip and I. I would call him a Fire Nerd and I won't repeat what he called me. Now we had it out on the street more than once, but the results were inconclusive. This called for one thing. Friday night grudge match at the Fremont drag strip. On the weekends legends like Dutch Irgang, and Shirley Muldowney would scorch the asphalt but tonight was just me and the biggest Jerk in town.
We had just completed pre race inspection and the taunts continued. Well it came time to get down to business and we did a few burn outs coming to the line to get the slicks good and sticky. The christmas tree countdown started and in a flash we are on a 13 second expedition to determine the superiority of Ford vs Pontiac.
Well I lost, it wasn't a blow out but clearly I had lost. It turns out that is the way things were supposed to be. Chip was very studious and paid attention to engineering details that made me look like little more than a grease monkey. And so a new friendship started, for me and my sister. Chip was the one who was primarily responsible for my second engine and what an engine it was. Chip disappeared into the Marine Corps, but I check those damned lists just in case he is a victim of our Presidents adventurism.
Life was so much different then, I would drop in unannounced to three or four people an evening and now I don't think I've dropped in unannounced with anyone in years. There is a fearlessness that comes with youth, either that or ignorance is bliss.
Some very hilatious wrecks cooled me down on the street racing thing, but I still want to build one more love of my life. With the price of gas headed toward five dollars a gallon and the auto headed for extinction maybe I should stick with chasing girls.
Tomorrow: Hallelujah I love her so!

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