Del Paso Heights  

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Del Paso Heights

It was such a short and novel period in my life, I would like to comment a little more about life in Davis, California. Being a college town made it kinda cool. because it sat in the bottom of the central valley, the surrounding area were about as flat as a pancake. This made travel by bicycle practical, but with the roasting heat you learn to ride nearly naked.
My favorite destination was old town Sacramento. A section of the old town along the river front was preserved and turned into a rail museum, recreation area, replete with beautiful girls milling about. It was thee place to hang out and do nothing.
Incidently the rail museum comes highly recommended and it is quite extravagant. The state really out did themselves with your tax dollar, but in this case it is worth it to view these behemoths of the past in a climate controlled environment. There is everything from the old pullman cars to coaling trains, and early diesel electric. It is quite a history lesson.
One night while selling cable subscription, and incidently I recommend that everyone sell door to door at least once in their life. It will teach you a lot about people. (insert snide remark) Anyhow as I was saying, I met these 2 girls Keisha and LaShonda while selling cable. Now its not that kinda story. They invited my to attend their church, so I met with them sunday morning, and they drove me out to del paso heights. The name of the pastor was Dr. Phillip Goudeaux. The church was in an old theatre,that had gone through so many renovations it was more like an octopus with wings running off everywhere. When the service started all the congregation, and it was a big congregation came and circled me and sang to me as a new guest. It was intense.
Then the service began and a cloud filled the room. It was kinda like when you go swimming to long and the chlorine makes your vision cloudy. Then a faint fragrant scent was in the air. I have seen this cloud only once since, but well get to that later.
Never saw the girls again and I returned to church years later but the had built a new sanctuary and the place just didn't have the same feel as the old mickey mouse building they had.
Only spent 3 months in Davis, but my job was a meeting people kinda job in a college town, what a fun time of my life.

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